Survey Says 80% of CPAs Support Alternatives to 150 Hours

Survey Says 80% of CPAs Support Alternatives to 150 Hours

Blake Oliver & David Leary

About this episode

Blake and David mull over the Arizona CPA Society's survey revealing that 80% of Arizona CPAs support 150-hour-rule alternatives. They also examine the UK Post Office scandal that led to hundreds of criminal convictions of postmasters, as well as Deloitte's recent massive audit failures, and the impacts of the talent shortage illustrated by delayed government audits in Wyoming. Wrapping things up, some reflections on the need for major reforms in auditing and regulation of the accounting profession. All this and more, right here, right now!

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    (00:29) - Blake goes over the Arizona Society of CPA's survey results

    (06:06) - Do 150-hour employees do better work?

    (09:35) - Are firms facing an accounting shortage?

    (14:42) - Did you know Nikki Haley was an accountant?

    (16:28) - Deloitte audit failure in Nigeria

    (29:35) - Certified Pastry Aficionado

    (31:37) - Tsunami miracle baby, now 19, pursuing an accounting degree

    (34:30) - Fujitsu, Horizon, and the disgusting postal worker prosecution failure by the UK government

    (48:41) - Blake checks in on the live chat

    (53:19) - Going Concern: Wyoming firm faces staffing shortage in critical government audits

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Show Notes

Arizona CPA Society releases 150-hour survey results

How Deloitte missed a massive Nigerian company fraud

Tsunami miracle baby now majoring in accounting

Only two firms in Wyoming can do government audits, and one can’t do its job

There Are Only Two Firms in Wyoming That Can Do Government Audits and One Can’t Do Its Job Because of Staff Shortages    


Revealed: The Fujitsu fat cats who pocketed huge salaries while its flawed Horizon accounting system ruined...


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Plans to legislate for resolution of Post Office accounting scandal


Post Office under criminal investigation for potential fraud over Horizon scandal


Some 86 people have seen their convictions for false accounting and theft overturned


UK police launch fraud inquiry over post office IT scandal


How the Post Office’s Horizon system failed: a technical breakdown


Bad software sent postal workers to jail, because no one wanted to admit it could be wrong


Post Office warned of software flaw in 2006, but failed to alert subpostmaster network


Post Office spunks fresh £36m on Fujitsu after cloud fail


When did the Post Office scandal start? Timeline of key events


Briefing presumption that comp...