How To Take The Pain Out Of Busy Season

How To Take The Pain Out Of Busy Season

Blake Oliver & David Leary

About this episode

Blake and David discuss the challenges of busy season and achieving work-life balance as accountants. They also debate the value and investment risks of cryptocurrency and analyze global economic impacts like outflows from China's economy. They also review some of the latest AI trends including self-driving vehicle safety data, and examine some recent news regarding a software error falsely accusing hundreds, an SEC crypto ETF approval, and a feel-good small town tax budget balanced without rate hikes thanks to a new accounting system implementation. Grab your favorite snack and have a listen!

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    (00:31) - Welcome to the show. Blake has been traveling

    (07:04) - How can accountants attract lifelong customers

    (09:59) - KPMG working to reduce late hours and weekend work

    (16:08) - UK coffee shop introduces subscription pricing

    (19:54) - Are accounting tech jobs more balanced?

    (21:49) - We did a bonus interview with Rightworks and more AI updates

    (24:32) - Waymo caused accidents vs human drivers

    (29:39) - Are AI-caused layoffs coming?

    (31:29) - The SEC approves crypto ETFs

    (34:52) - NYT story on NYU student's $6 million crypto mine

    (39:35) - Update on UK Postal scandal and Fujitsu

    (43:52) - An estimated $50 billion per month moved out of China in 2023

    (47:54) - Hydroxychloroquine and putting numbers in perspective

    (51:14) - David's personal information may have been leaked in the Framework leak

    (53:08) - GM suing the city of San Francisco over taxes

    (55:23) - Small Pennsylvania town cancels tax hikes after new accounting system finds unaccounted revenue

    (56:25) - Thanks for listening and remember to subscribe

Show Notes

KPMG looks to take some of the pain out of the auditing ‘busy season’


OpenAI debuts ChatGPT subscription aimed at small teams | TechCrunch


Comparison of Waymo Rider-Only Crash Data to Human Benchmarks at 7.1 Million Miles


Expanding Copilot for Microsoft 365 to businesses of all sizes


A third of companies have already laid off workers due to AI


This N.Y.U. Student Owns a $6 Million Crypto Mine. His Secret Is Out. - The New York Times


SEC Approves Bitcoin ETFs for Everyday Investors


Gold Bars and Tokyo Apartments: How Money Is Flowing Out of China. - The New York Times


Hydroxychloroquine could have caused 17,000 deaths during Covid, study finds


GM blasts San Francisco in lawsuit over $108M tax bill


OpenAI debuts small team ChatGPT subscription


Intuit sues H&R Block over marketing claims it says are false, misleading

The role of auditors in the Post Office scandal: A need for greater accountability?  

Framework email customers for data breach from accounting partner getting phished

Fujitsu shares drop nearly 4% as its Europe chief says compensating Post Office victims is a 'moral obligation'        

Report: 25% of CEOs Expect AI to Lead to Job Cuts in 2024           

Expanding Copilot for Microsoft 365 to businesses of all sizes 

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