Beware of E-Filing Your Tax Return

Beware of E-Filing Your Tax Return

Blake Oliver & David Leary

About this episode

Blake and David discuss a wealth of timely topics, including the risks of filing taxes electronically versus by mail, the impact of the 150-hour rule on diversity in the accounting profession, and how major accounting firms are turning to private equity funding to accelerate growth. They also explore news from the artificial intelligence space, including Google's unveiling of Gemini, as well as ADP's new AI assistant, and examine how deepfake video calls enabled the theft of $25 million.

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    (00:29) - Welcome to the show

    (03:24) - Finance worker pays $25 million after video call with a deep fake of company CFO

    (08:54) - Is QuickBook taking tax accountants' jobs?

    (16:23) - Three AI accounting startups raise money funding round

    (25:14) - Baker Tilly is now private-equity-owned

    (27:32) - How much do the Big 4 spend on lobbying?

    (31:52) - The Wall Street Journal's terrible opinion piece of E-filing

    (38:25) - 13 states are suing the IRS for direct file system

    (40:15) - MIT study on effects of 150-hour rule

    (46:28) - Dual licensed CPAs and CMAs earn almost $40k more per year

    (49:17) - Google releases Gemini and is retiring BARD

    (53:33) - ADP launches ADP Assist

    (56:48) - Gemini also now does AI art

    (59:25) - Thanks for listening and please fill out our survey

Show Notes

Finance Employee Defrauded for $25M by Deepfake CFO

Dual Certifications Mean Big Bucks for Accountants - CPA Practice Advisor

Baker Tilly US gets PE investment | Accounting Today

Big Four Lobby Congress on Accounting Pipeline, AI, Crypto

Beware of E-Filing Your Tax Return

QuickBooks Live Tax Update: Understanding QuickBooks customers use of tax prep services

Accounting software startup Pennylane becomes France’s latest unicorn | TechCrunch

Google’s Gemini is now in everything. Here’s how you can try it out.

Accounting body tells members to make annual pledge to be ethical    

Platform Accounting Group gets $85M funding round   

Finally, now with $10M, adds AI for better insight into small business accounting    

AI Will Be Doing More Accounting If Startup Investors Have Their Way    

ADP launches ADP Assist genAI assistant    

Republican attorneys general denounce IRS free file pilot as rival to products like TurboTax    

Higher tax filing costs could take a bite out of your refund    

DataSnipper, startup that uses AI to eliminate some of the ‘dread’ in accounting, is valued at $1 billion in latest funding round    

Platform Accounting Group Secures $85 million in Funding Led by Cynosure Group    

Finally Raises $10 Million to Expand Small Business Automation Solutions    

Finally, the AI-Powered Accounting & Finance Suite, Closes $10M Raise to Propel SMB Growth Forward    

France gains a new unicorn as Pennylane raises €40m    

QuickBooks Live Tax Update     

Beware of E-Filing Your Tax Return    

DataSnipper Raises $100M at $1B Valuation to Empower Auditors with AI    

Big Four Lobby Congress on Accounting Pipeline, AI, Crypto    

Finance worker pays out $25 million after video call with deepfake ‘chief financial officer’    

I'm an Accountant and Here's Why I'd Never File My Taxes Online — Best Life 

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