"Close The Gap" with Sophia Joffe from eLearn.fyi

"Close The Gap" with Sophia Joffe from eLearn.fyi

Sophia Joffe from eLearn.fyi

About this podcast

On "Close the Gap," I will have conversations with thought leaders about a critical issue: "how to close the education gap that disproportionately impacts kids from minority groups and lower-income families." Covid has amplified this education gap where our society has reached a crisis with our kids and their education. I don't pretend to have the life experiences or the answers to solve these problems. But what I have is curiosity. And a passion for understanding more about the "why" and the "how." Why is this happening? And, how can we fix it? And to answer these questions, I am going to speak with thought leaders from different spectrums in our society. I want to explore how we can "CLOSE THE GAP" on one of the most important issues of our time. I hope you will join me.




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