"Christ Our Passover" (Easter is not Christian & Related Truths)

"Christ Our Passover" (Easter is not Christian & Related Truths)

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The Passover is a sacred event in the history of Christianity. In this Podcast, you will find a number of massages dispelling the myths and traditions of man. The Last Supper of our Lord Jesus was taken on The Passover and He was crucified some 15 hours later. In addition, Jesus was in the heart of the Earth for 3 days and 3 nights -this truth is contrary to the doctrines of Easter and is at odds with nearly every church in our world today. The Truth is not an idea; He is a person. Every child of God feels the need for The Truth -Jesus Christ; and yet, they sit year after year under false doctrine from false teachers about the greatest event in the history of the world -the resurrection of our Lord from the dead. May The Truth fill your heart today as you pay close attention to these Passover truths.



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