Chaos and Colors

Chaos and Colors

Uriah Heep

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    Save Me Tonight. Dave Rimmer, Jeff Scott Soto. 3:30

    Silver Sunlight. Mick Box, Phil Lanzon. 4:31

    Hail the Sunrise. Russell Gilbrook, Simon J. Pinto. 4:23

    Age of Changes bBox, Lanzon. 5:50

    Hurricane. Gilbrook, Pinto. 4:50

    One Nation, One Sun. Box, Lanzon. 7:36

    Golden Light. Box, Lanzon. 5:09

    You'll Never Be Alone. Gilbrook, Pinto. 7:58

    Fly Like an Eagle. Gilbrook, Pinto. 3:49

    Freedom to Be Free. Box, Lanzon 8:11

    Closer to Your Dreams. Box, Lanzon. 3:37





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