(canadaLANDBACK) They Did Not Break Us

(canadaLANDBACK) They Did Not Break Us




About this episode

canadaLANDBACK is a co-production by Canada’s National Observer and Canadaland.

Landback is not just about returning real estate.

It is about Indigenous people reclaiming who we are and making ourselves whole again.

An elder once told me that he believed residential schools were designed to hurt women, because "They knew that when you break the hearts of our women, you break the strength of our nations."

That story and other teachings tell us that women are central and even sacred to our communities. This episode looks at how women are reclaiming their role as mothers, teachers, leaders, and sacred beings, despite everything colonialism has thrown at them. 

This is not a story of hope, so much as it is a story of resilience and courage. 

In this episode of landback we interview three women, whose stories intersect; Terri Brown, a former chief of the Tahltan First Nation in British Columbia, and former president of the Native Women’s Association (NWAC); Dr. Beverly Jacobs, Mohawk, Six Nations, is the Senior Advisor to the President on Indigenous Relations and Outreach at the University of Windsor and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law, who is also a former President of NWAC; Tori Cress Ojibway and Pottawattami, G’Chimnissing is a land and water defender. 

Music “Dare to Dream” by Brandi Morin

Please be warned this episode contains stories of violence, sexual assault and mentions the name and decribes some actions of a serial killer in B.C. 

Host/Producer: Karyn Pugliese 

Producer: Kim Wheeler

This episode contained research by Beverly Andrews.

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