Episode#3 - "Call Me Not" by AudioMovie

Episode#3 - "Call Me Not" by AudioMovie


About this episode

Episode. 3:
Sakuma begins to glean some tips from talks with Ozaki and the unknown caller. 
He is already dragged into a mess while trying to get, through Hayama, some bizarre tips about his boss.

“Call Me Not” features a man in the property investment business who gets entangled in a series of hitches, which only develop in telephone communication. Listeners will be thrilled to go through simulated subjective experience of the protagonist thanks to our unique audio design feature. ? The story takes place in Japan.

Amid the hustle and bustle of his Tokyo life, Sakuma is working on a whopping 5-billion-yen deal.  His boss might come down hard on him, but he has won some due trust among his colleagues. His life remains peaceful until it ushers in a series of hitches. He can only glean fragmented titbits over the phone.  Unwittingly, he is already being dragged into a mess that he would not welcome, when he gets an unknown call.

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