"Call Me Not" by AudioMovie

"Call Me Not" by AudioMovie


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TBS Radio is proudly introducing “Call Me Not," the latest in the series of AudioMovie lineups that transcends the traditional definition of radio drama.
Carefully designed with the latest insights from cognitive sciences, it is a transformative radio drama that guarantees a mesmerizing sense of total immersion.

“Call Me Not” features a man in the property investment business who gets entangled in a series of hitches, which only develop in telephone communication. 
Listeners will be thrilled to go through simulated subjective experience of the protagonist thanks to our unique audio design feature.
The story takes place in Japan.

Official site : https://audiomovie.jp/cmn/

Amid the hustle and bustle of his Tokyo life, Sakuma is working on a whopping 5-billion-yen deal. His boss might come down hard on him, but he has won some due trust among his colleagues. His life remains peaceful until it ushers in a series of hitches. He can only glean fragmented tidbits over the phone. Unwittingly, he is already being dragged into a mess that he would not welcome, when he gets an unknown call.

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