The Steep Golden Staircase

The Steep Golden Staircase


About this episode

This was recorded a couple weeks ago. The golden staircase to the gates of Heaven. You can see it, it’s so close you can almost touch it. But the stairs are steep, the journey has been long, tiring, & it feels like “man, Now I gotta climb this?!?” If you’re currently feeling this way, just know, God is with you, & he says it’s okay to give yourself a minute to take a breather. No, He won’t carry you up the stairs. But he’s that personal trainer, right there beside you, hyping you up, giving you the encouragement, telling you “YOU CAN DO IT.” But is also understanding when you need to stop for a minute to catch your breath. You’re not going to miss your moment by taking your time on the last stretch, but you definitely need to keep going. remember the importance of rest & regeneration because once you walk through those gates, you enter a whole new world; a world that is going to be so rewarding yet will also, require much more from you. But Don’t worry, this journey has prepared you for it.


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