Angels & the Armor of God

Angels & the Armor of God


About this episode

Random story time that I felt was worth the share. Angels have always been my jam, but when I understood they’re really just a higher dimensional being that report to God, just like us humans do, I stopped asking for their assistance quite as often because I felt like, at times, I was idolizing them. I still believed they were always with me & working on my behalf, but I just wanted to go straight to the big man upstairs for my needs. However, I often fail to ask my Heavenly Father to send his Army of Angels.

This incident made me realize that I need to be asking The Lord of Hosts to call for back up (A.K.A. Angels) when Satan turns his attacks up a few notches.

God’s armor keeps me strong & protected, but Archangel Michael came through & demolished the devil along with all his evil schemes, INSTANTLY. #Ephesians6:11 #FIGHTTHEGOODFIGHT