Ep 276: Wild Thing with Laura Krantz

Ep 276: Wild Thing with Laura Krantz

David Flora

About this episode

Flora is joined by journalist, podcaster, and author Laura Krantz to discuss her podcast and book The Search for Sasquatch! Creator and host of Wild Thing podcast, Laura Krantz has parlayed her experience in Bigfoot research into a show and now book. New to the field of Sasquatchery, she dove right in with boots on the ground journalism and interviews with heavy hitters in the realm of Bigfoot science. With a familial tie to legendary researcher Grover Krantz, Laura got to experience a ton of fascinating things in her first foray into this controversial field. David interviews her about her time and journey in learning about something new and foreign to her. Be sure to check out her work, and don't forget to check out other Blurry Photos episodes!

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