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Blitz Sports World Podcast

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The Blitz Sports Magazine is the preeminent sports podcast on flowing through the Internet airwaves. We talk sports and combine social elements such as economics, politics, technology, race among other issues and create honest forward-thinking narratives that are balanced and objective. We are the truth serum for an industry that is notorious for telling one-side of a story from people who only know how to tell it one way. We are the voice of the athlete when they are oblivious of their plight. We are the only ones in the field of play who aren’t afraid of playing way beyond the whistle. We are constantly bringing the smart people to the building to incite the necessary truths that this industry continuously tries to hide.  We are the epitome of everything sports should be; competitive, smart, accurate, fair and mostly importantly fun. In short, we level the playing field.

Hosted by Malik & Stadium Barbershop

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