Black Agenda Radio 06.14.21

Black Agenda Radio 06.14.21

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Welcome to the radio magazine that brings you news, commentary and
analysis from a Black Left perspective. I’m Margaret Kimberley, along with my co-host
Glen Ford. Coming up: US universities like to think of themselves as forces for the
public good. But we’ll speak with a Black professor who says American higher
education is a relentless gentrifyer that spreads police terror and low wages. And, a
Black Alliance for Peace activist says the United States is trying to isolate China
because Washington cannot compete with the Asian economic juggernaut.
But first – Too Black is a poet, writer and podcaster based in Indianapolis, who recently
authored an article in Black Agenda Report titled "From Black Wall Street to Black
Capitalism." Too Black says the business district of the Black neighborhood of Tulsa,
Oklahoma that was destroyed by whites in 1921, was actually more like a Black Main
Street than Wall Street, and employed very few Black residents at the time of the

That was Too Black, a poet and writer speaking from Indianapolis.

Universities in the United States have become capitalist engines of extraction and
destruction in Black communities. So says Davarian Baldwin, a professor of American
Studies and founding director of the Smart Cities Lab at Trinity College, in Hartford,
Connecticut. Dr. Baldwin wrote an article in Black Agenda Report titled “In the Shadow
of the Ivory Tower.”

That was Professor Davarian Baldwin, speaking from Trinity College in
Hartford, Connecticut.

The Green Party recently took a look at Joe Biden’s First 100 Days in office, with a
focus on the new president’s war policies. One of the speakers was Julie Varaghese, of
the Black Alliance for Peace. Varaghese said the US is waging a Cold War with China
because Washington is losing the global economic competition.