The Biscuits & Gravy Show

The Biscuits & Gravy Show


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The show airs on a number of online stations and networks.James is a deep thinker.  One of the best philosophers of his generation.  He is a Christian, a father, an ordained minister, and a martial artist.  He has choreographed combat scenes for a recent motion picture.  He brings the meat and potatoes to any conversational table!Jason is not so much a deep thinker but he is very very passionate!  He likes to chase rabbits on occasion. He is a former police chief, a former youth director, and consults in production and social media management.  He currently resides in Alamogordo, New Mexico and recruits for a local fortune 500 company.  He is also the host of The Jason  Curtman show which reaches a monthly listening audiance of over a half a million people.  He is known far and wide as the "Nickel Soda Pop Man"Anything goes on this morning type talk show!  We will talk about political trends, current events, spiritual topics, cooking, martial arts, firearms, self defense, ideas on how to spend quality time with your family and much more!



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