Beyond the Pines.

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Flagstaff is the best place on earth. From the endless blue water of Lake Mary, to the oxygen deprived summit of Humphrey’s Peak. There’s no place like it...and, that includes its people. The town is chocked-full of people from diverse backgrounds that possess a wide range of interests, skills, and stories. In addition to the surrounding natural beauty, this is what makes our town feel textured and unique. #beyondFLG is a podcast hosted by two local psychologists and founders of Beyond the Pines, A Flagstaff Wellness Collective; Cody Bayles and Dan Phillips. Their values lie in promoting connection to self, others, and the natural world with the aim of bringing about health. Join them as they go beyondFLG with Flagstaff citizens and explore their connection to the town, their craft, the environment, and other people.



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