Photography Kit for Early Career Artists & Photographers - Before The Shutter

Photography Kit for Early Career Artists & Photographers - Before The Shutter

Harley Bainbridge

About this episode

Hello Everyone!  

Those who know my podcast and channel already will know that the focus of my writing is not on the technological side of photography but the theoretical and critical.  

However I understand that some people will ask the inevitable question 'What gear do you use?' so this video is for you!  

Here's my 2021 gear list, I think its a fantastic setup for anyone who wants to get the best out of a relatively limited budget especially as I know that it works for not only creating great artwork but working in a commercial role for studios and businesses etc!  

Also it gave me chance to try out my new lights and studio setup. 

Before I get into more complex subjects. Video editing is a pretty steep learning curve for me at the moment, so I apologise for any errors or issues that are in this video. I did notice that there are focus issues as it got stuck to my mic and not me, there a flickering at one point which appeared during rendering and whilst I did my best to hide all my cuts there are a few I just had to leave in haha.  Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated!  

I shot this on my iPhone 1, I could get better results using my cameras but they are in the video plus I'm not so committed to this that I want to dedicate a camera or mess with setting up every time, at least not right now, if I start getting an audience then I'll consider moving to using my a7ii but for now I think the iPhone will be fine once I get used to colour correcting the footage properly and also nailing the lighting setup, it looks better at night but as you see here daytime is quite flat!  

Anyway, hope you enjoy the video, if you do please do all the podcast things would love to hear your comments and see you in the next episode! 

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