Must Have Books to Improve your Photography!

Must Have Books to Improve your Photography!

Harley Bainbridge

About this episode

After a few weeks of burying myself in work and research I’ve finally got round to making a new video & Podcast!  

This week we will be talking about improving your art and photography by investing in reading instead of equipment.  

These are some of my favourite books and make a great set of introductions to deeper reading and delving into more specific topics over time.  

Consider it essential reading for upcoming video topics, hopefully helping you develop as much as they helped me :)  

Overall the focus of these works are to help us understand how photography developed, the changes in usage and movements and the practitioners who drove forward the progression of photography as an art medium. There’s so much insight knowledge here about the intent and execution of works as well as how those intentions tied back to their placement in cultural and time.  Here are some links to the books discussed in this video, they are not affiliated so make sure to shop around.  

Many can be found for less that £10 including shipping when looking at eBay and other used book stores or charity shops.  

Photography: A Cultural History, 5th edition, Marien, W M,  - Ways of Seeing, Berger, J -

The Photography Reader, Wells, L -

Camera Lucida Barthes, R -

Photography The Key Concepts, Bate, D -

The Theatre of the Face, Kozloff, M -  

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