Fake News? The Story of Migrant Mother and How it Was Changed.

Fake News? The Story of Migrant Mother and How it Was Changed.

Harley Bainbridge

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This week I'm talking about the story of Migrant Mother and how it was manipulated in order to provide a story which the editor and creator felt was more engaging.

You could call it 'Fake News', but was this a purposeful change or a mere mixup of details by the photographer?

And in the case of Migrant Mother, did the ends justify the means when it meant that the New Deal institutes of the Resettlement Administration and the Last Farm Securities Administration received more funding and support from Congress and the public?

Dorothea Lange made a universally acclaimed and iconic image which has remained one of the most influential and recognisable documentary photographs of the 20th century and together we will look at the context surrounding its creation and the Florence Owens Thompsons reaction to it, as well as the reaction from her family.

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