Advice - How I Stay Resilient While Developing a Career in Art and Photography.

Advice - How I Stay Resilient While Developing a Career in Art and Photography.

Harley Bainbridge

About this episode

Hello everybody!
I hope this finds you all well and ready for the coming lifting of lockdown restrictions, please remember to stay safe!
This week I actually managed to stick to my schedule and record a new episode!
I decided to do a very off the cuff episode this week as I had quite a few experiences of misinformation, trolling and general hi-jinx which at some points frustrated and demoralised me but only in passing. This was quite a new thing as usually I struggle to stay on track and recover quickly from career knock-backs but this week I found myself a lot more capable of dealing with those issues and I wanted to discuss reason why I think I was able to move on from those experiences so quickly.
I'll be talking about diversifying your audience, trolls, mentors and social pods, well I say talk it's probably more of a rant!
I understand how frustrating it is for people to stay resilient, especially when it knocks confidence or instigates a creative block so I thought it would be useful for those who have or continue to have these issues.
Hopefully with me talking about my experiences and advising on different ways to overcome knock-backs you'll find a way to manage your own development and continue creating and bailing an audience and career.
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