#BecauseICan. The robust guide to being effective.

#BecauseICan. The robust guide to being effective.

Tim Bradshaw

About this podcast

Key note speakers, business directors and best friends Tim Bradshaw and Paul Horwood believe that you can achieve anything if you apply the #Because I Can attitude.

Tim, Paul and the team at Sandstone Communications have: Represented their countries rowing, rugby, triathlon and skiing. Competed at World Championship and Olympic Games. Bought and sold over 50 businesses, consulted for PWC, Deloitte, the MOD and Daimler. They hold degrees in Leadership, Psychology, Accountancy, Law and a PHD in bovine reproduction! They have been to war on 7 occasions and are trained in hostage negotiation, resistance to interrogation, agent handling and hostage rescue! They have raced cars, bikes and helicopters! Climbed Mount Everest and the Matterhorn.

This channel shares their skills, experiences and top tips in order to become more effective both professionally and personally. Learn to filter the Intelligence from the Information and make decisions and lead accordingly.



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