Ep. 57 Estela González | Mazatlán, between cultures, and the Arribada novel

Ep. 57 Estela González | Mazatlán, between cultures, and the Arribada novel

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Hi there,

Today I am overjoyed to be arts calling Estela González!

About our guest:
Estela González holds an MFA in creative writing and a PhD in Latin American literature. As a binational and bilingual writer, she tells stories in English and Spanish about race, class, gender, and environmental justice. Growing up in Mexico, Estela regularly visited her family in Mazatlán, where decades-long intensive development has led to the demise of beaches and sea turtle colonies. Her research and support of fishermen protecting sea turtles in the Sea of Cortés deepen her reflections on environmental justice, race relations, and sexuality. Her work is featured in the Barcelona Review, the Cobalt Review, Connotation Press, Cronopio, Flash Frontier, Flyway Magazine, Kudzu House, Label Me Latina, La Colmena, Luvina, the Fem, and the Revista Mexicana de Literatura Contemporánea, as well as in outstanding collections such as Best of Solstice Literary Magazine, Feminine Rising (Cynren Press, 2019), and Under the Volcano. Arribada was a 2019 finalist for Feminist Press's Louise Meriwether Award.

Arribada, now on sale here: https://bookshop.org/a/84546/9781947976313

Estela on Twitter: https://twitter.com/5estelagonzalez

Thank you so much for this inspiring conversation, Estela!


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