"🛑AntiBlackRacism" (The New Black Media Audio Streaming)⚡✊🏾⚡

"🛑AntiBlackRacism" (The New Black Media Audio Streaming)⚡✊🏾⚡

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#BlackFirst #B1 --------------- There isn't anything wrong with me...I am just the product of my overly anti black racist environment. This IS to be a "Free Ranging"of stories covering a magnitude of issues.

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Anchor Medium: mtness515.medium.com

Here there will be a wide variety of news, political & social topics. This "Isn't" one of those podcast that has glitzy intros and Commercial ads. We are rough around the edges you would say I guess...We are just a small tooth on this giant cog called #TheNewBlackMedia Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/stopantiblackracism/support



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