Is Israel any safer after six months of war?

Is Israel any safer after six months of war?




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This weekend marks six months since the most deadly attack in Israel’s history roiled the region and the world. On October 7th 2023, hundreds of Hamas fighters poured across the border from Gaza, killing 1,200 people and kidnapping some 250 men, women and children. Of the remaining hostages, 130 are still missing, with 34 of them presumed dead. Yyocheved Lifschitz and her husband Oded were just two of the Israelis taken captive. In an unforgettable moment seen around the world, Yocheved bid Shalom to her masked captor when she became one of the first Israelis to be released. But six months on, her 83-year-old husband's whereabouts and condition are unknown. Their daughter, Sharone Lifschitz, joins the show.
Then, he’s dubbed the Jon Stewart of the Arab world. Bassem Youssef is an Egyptian satirist forced into exile after years mocking his country’s ruling elite. After rebuilding his life and public image as an American citizen, the heart surgeon-turned comedian has found a new focus for his increasingly dark sense of humor - the bloodshed in Gaza. He took time out from his stand-up world tour to speak with Christiane.
From the Amanpour Archive: 30 years ago this week, the Rwanda genocide shocked the world. The West's inaction would become a stain on human history, despite repeated warnings from those on the ground. Christiane explains how a general's desperate pleas for help were ignored, as more than 800,000 people were slaughtered.
The countdown is on as total eclipse mania shifts into high gear in North America. But despite best laid plans, it could be hit-or-miss for millions of people if mother nature spoils the show. CNN Space Correspondent Kristin Fisher explains how science is set to meet spiritualism on Monday.
In our Letter from London this week, the musical that unleashed an ABBA-lanche on London's West End, and lit up hundreds of cities around the world. "Mamma Mia!" just passed a quarter-century milestone, making it one of London's longest running musicals of all time. Christiane asks the show's creator-producer Judy Craymer why audiences just can't get enough.
We end the hour with a milestone birthday. Jane Goodall, the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees, turned 90 this week. Her pioneering research in the 1960s in a male-dominated field revolutionized primatology, when she documented chimps making and using tools in the wild. We revisit Christiane’s 2017 interview with Goodall, as they reflect on her remarkable life and legacy.
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