"Am I the A-Hole?" Apple Pie: AITA #3: French 24/7! Drama Momma? Burned & Rowdy! Stingy Business?

"Am I the A-Hole?" Apple Pie: AITA #3: French 24/7! Drama Momma? Burned & Rowdy! Stingy Business?

Am I The Ahole Apple Pie

About this episode

This episode was reposted on 9-8-2022 due to me accidentally deleting it...gah! lol

Date 8/30/2022

Episode 3  of the Am I the Ahole Apple Pie Podcast!

    The podcast where I , Your Host Harainna, share AITA posts from reddit and attempt to figure out who was the rotten apple of the story and who was not!
    These posts are publicly posted on Reddit for the intent to get feedback and share if the original poster is indeed an Ahole.
    Here at the AITA Apple Pie Podcast , I like to give feedback if the OP is the Rotten apple or not and sometimes give a few suggestions.
    Many of these stories can hit home and I hope that by dissecting the actions of others we can learn how our actions can ripple out into the world around us.

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So grab a plate! Its time to serve up some AITA Apple Pie!

AITA for nоt spеaking to my family in English?


AITA for laughing in my mother's friends face when she told me to 'go to my room'?


AITA for yellling at a little girl


AITA For Asking My Girlfriend To Pay For The Wine Glass She Broke?