Ep 15 - Beyonce said, WE OUTSIDE

Ep 15 - Beyonce said, WE OUTSIDE

Gabriele Garcia

About this episode

Welcome back my lovelies! This week on the podcast, we're getting weird and we're talking about Beyonce's latest album, Renaissance! But this isn't your average album review, we're gonna do a deep dive into this surprise house music album - the history of house music, the samples used throughout the album, and the importance Renaissance has for both the house music industry as well as music as a whole. Get your notebooks out, this one is full of note-worthy info!

**All the songs, images, and graphics used in the video belong to their respective owners and I do not claim any right over them.**

"Deep House" provided by  Pavel Yudin (pixabay.com)
"The Late Night Clubbing" provided by  Evgeny Bardyuzha (pixabay.com)
Intro and outro music provided by Joseph McDade (josephmcdade.com)

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