Ep 10 - Lullaby

Ep 10 - Lullaby

Gabriele Garcia

About this episode

Buckle your seat belts and put on your reading glasses, because this week Gabriele is talking about the bizarre story of Lullaby, by Chuck Palahniuk. Listener discretion is advised!

Reporter Carl Streator is investigating SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) for a piece at his newspaper, when report after report floods in of mysteriously dead infants, a little too convenient to all be SIDS cases. The only linking information is a book present in each nursery: Poems and Rhymes  from around the world, all open to page 27. Does this lullaby have something to do with it? And what happens when Carl memorizes the poem on accident? Tune in to find out!

Music provided by Joseph McDade (josephmcdade.com).

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