‘We just had one of our many talks about being a black boy in America’

‘We just had one of our many talks about being a black boy in America’

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All Told

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This is the tenth episode in The Post’s coronavirus podcast series, which each week brings listeners inside a different person’s experience of the pandemic. Previous episodes have chronicled a week in the life of an emergency room worker, an NBA player, a blues guitarist, a rancher, a minister, a librarian, a city council member and a recent college graduate.

In this episode, we peer inside the life of Dr. Yetunde Patrick, a 35-year-old dentist who runs her own practice in Washington, DC. After having to close her office for several months because of the Coronavirus, she recently reopened for elective procedures — the same week that nation-wide protests over police brutality and racial injustice spread across the country. In Washington, the protests literally came to Dr. Yetunde Patrick’s front door — it was broken into amid the chaos.

Listen to this tumultuous week in her life, in her own words.

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