'There's no end in sight to this'

'There's no end in sight to this'

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All Told

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This is the 11th and last episode in The Post’s coronavirus podcast series, which each week has brought listeners inside a different person’s experience of the pandemic. Previous episodes have chronicled a week in the life of an emergencyroom worker, NBA player, blues guitarist, rancher, minister, librarian, high school graduate and dentist.

For this final episode, we turn not just to someone whose life has been affected by the pandemic, but to someone whose work will help determine its future course. Timothy Sheahan is a 43-year-old virologist, who has been studying ways to stop coronaviruses for 11 years. Now, he's racing to develop drugs for this current version of the virus that's swept across the world. As the global infection rate mounts, his job as a researcher has never been more urgent. It’s a rewarding but also difficult situation for this father of two young girls. Sheahan worries he’s falling short of giving both the public and his family everything they need of him.

Listen to a week in his life, in his own words.

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