‘Midland is trending on Twitter, and Donald Trump is tweeting about us’

‘Midland is trending on Twitter, and Donald Trump is tweeting about us’

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All Told

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This is the ninth episode in The Post’s coronavirus podcast series, which each week brings listeners inside a different person’s experience of the pandemic. Previous episodes have chronicled a week in the life of an emergency room worker, an NBA player, a blues guitarist, a rancher, a minister, a librarian, a city council member and a recent college graduate.

In this episode, we peer inside the life of Jacob May, a 17-year-old from Midland, Mich., as he finishes his last days of high school. Because of the pandemic, his classes went online. But in a devastating twist of fate, he and many of his classmates returned to school in late May as masked volunteers. The high school became an emergency shelter when flooding destroyed the homes of many people in his community.

Listen to May’s experience, in his own words.

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