Biweekly 3: Pitch Anything

Biweekly 3: Pitch Anything


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Dima and Slava read and discuss book "Pitch Anything" by Oren Klaff and evaluate ideas of frame control, dominance, and eradicating neediness against their own experience.

* Podcasts in school education in the UK
* Pitch Anything ( by Oren Klaff
* Frame control and holding the attention
* Does one need to dominate to pitch successfully?
* Grabbing attention with unexpected and maybe even disruptive move
* Can one really sell any idea in 20min?
* Dima argues that narratives are important and it should be possible to find a narrative for every situation
* Re-framing is a powerful idea
* What if a meeting is online? How can one make it special?
* Eradicating neediness and abundance mindset
* Advanced Selling Podcast ( Is Your World Abundant or Scarce? (
* How one can build the abundance mindset and eradicate neediness?
* The "airport deal story" and what Slava and Dima make of it
* Dima passionately disagrees with the author about what the "French waiter story" illustrates
* Should you read this book?
* Potentially, a book for the next situation: Tell to Win ( by Peter Gruber