2: Experts and expertise

2: Experts and expertise


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Dima is concerned with the fate of expertise and how easy experts have it now, and together with Slava they look experts in the workplace and how they mess up code reviews.

* The Death of Expertise (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Death-Expertise-Campaign-Established-Knowledge/dp/0190865970), the 2018 book
* The Death Of Expertise (https://thefederalist.com/2014/01/17/the-death-of-expertise/), the 2014 article
* Was it better for experts in pre-Internet times?
* Well, who is an expert after all?
* How can one tell a true expert from a false expert?
* We expect experts to be able to explain things
* Experts do not really need to cry out "I'm an expert!"
* Expertise and appeal to authority
* Expert opinion vs. just an opinion
* Usually, we have interactions, not individual opinions
* Feedback and areas of growth
* Practicing expertise in a team or a company
* Soft Skills Engineering episode 321: Politely, no and participation at scale (https://softskills.audio/2022/09/12/episode-321-politely,-no-and-participation-at-scale/)
* In the next episode we read Pitch Anything (https://orenklaff.com/books/) by Oren Klaff