Insomnia - DemonicDanceMix
02 November 2021

Insomnia - DemonicDanceMix

Tommy Deogan

Another terrifying night resulted in insomnia, and one crazy insane hi energy dance mix. 

Played the hell out of my demons, keeping them occupied on the dance floor instead of jumping back into my head. 

Think they are tired and went back to hell for now, as I actually feel calmer and almost, tired... Think my fear of falling asleep is gone for now. 

And thanks a million to you who were with me live on this (in the making) and fed me tracks n tunes. Be sure to have this for you to download. 

Thank you - you have no idea of how much it means to me, only to know that you are/were there. Means the world, really (even if we have never seen or talked!!) 

My god - so I say, good night and hope you enjoy it. (Maybe this is the key for all Dj´s - to play in a terrified lonely insomnia state ;) 

Love, Tommy Deogan 

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