Heaux Tales One Truth

Heaux Tales One Truth

Alyssa Valentino

About this podcast

Welcome to “Heaux Tales and One Truth .” I’m Alyssa Valentino , founder of Valentino Studios.SL ,Director & Lead Actress of The Valentino Show,Owner of Valentino Valley, and Single mother of five. Join me as I uplift some of my most favorite creators , designers , and artist on the grid . As a connoisseur of black excellence this podcast is intended with the sole purpose of uplifting the urban sl community . Join me every week as I debut our weekly listener letter , and as we dive deep into the madness of sl and heal each other from within .Oh, If you’re new to secondlife , you’re in the right place. I can’t wait to share the tips and tricks That I’ve learned over the past decade, so Stick around.




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