BPM Radio Proyect

BPM Radio Proyect

AYN radio
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Programa de radio especializado en música de los 80s. Italo Disco, Dance, Shynty Pop, Funk, Disco, MegaMix.... Se emite en directo y en exclusiva todos los viernes a partir de las 22:00 (hora de España) en AYN Radio. https://aynradio.com/




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12 June 2020

B.p.m.- 401 (12-06-2020)

AYN radio
Track list: MIND ENTERPRISES - Idol (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) KRISTIAN CONDE - KRISTIAN CONDE - Dolcevita (Dark Version 2020) MIKA ELLA feat. LINDA JO RIZZO - Last 2 Girls On The Dancefloor (Extended Version) ITALOCONNECTION - Without A Reason JERRY GOLDSMITH - The Gremlin Rag DEPECHE MODE - Strangelove (Maxi Mix) TOM HOOKER - Find a Day and a Time OK GO - Los Teleñecos - The Muppets NIGHT LIFE UNLIMITED - Dance, Freak and Boogie ATOMIC ROOSTER - The Devil's Answer FOREIGNER - Cold as Ice MAIN LINE - Somebody's Watching Me, Pt. 1 LA BELLE EPOQUE - Black Is Black HARRY NILSSON - Without You EDWIN STARR - Contact MIND ENTERPRISES - S.H.A.K.E (Breakbot Remix) MAQUINA TOTAL 8 - DJ Mix [Megamix] Dream Team RACHEL - Xanadu M PEOPLE - Open Your Heart SIR PRIZE - Don't Go Away THE CARDIGANS - Lovefool (Tee's Club Radio) PAUL REIN - Lady 'O' DIGITAL DREAMS - Power Sound SALLY SHAPIRO - if it Doesn't Rain DANIELE BENATI - Molto Bella (Extended Mix Manuel Rios) MARC FRUTTERO - Miracle of love
05 June 2020

B.p.m.- 400 (05-06-2020)

AYN radio
Track list: MIND ENTERPRISES - Idol (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) GIORGIO MORODER, MARAT TATURAS - The Chase (Marat Taturas Coctail Pool Remix) CLOCK ON 5 - My Little Friend (Flemming Dalum Remix) DECADANCE, ITALOCONNECTION - On and On (Fears Keep On) Italoconnection Radio Edit SAVAGE - I Love You (Extended Version) ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ - Mustat Varjot (128 Snippet) AMAYA - Sensation (2020 Mix) D.WHITE, DIMAD. - 600 Km LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY, DR PACKER - Hit And Run (Dr Packer Radio Edit) THE PHENOMENAL HANDCLAP BAND, RAY MANG - Remain Silent (Ray Mang Extended Mix) NINA - Automatic Call DUFF DISCO - Lady OH YEAH - Still Ill (Dicky Trisco & JKriv Mix) ELI ESCOBAR, NOMI RUIZ - Dance 4 Love '99 (Club Mix) PET SHOP BOYS - Monkey business (radio edit) GAZEBO - Love In Your Eyes (Telexketch Edit) HATIRAS - Set You Free LONELY C & BABY PRINCE - 1979 ITALOVE - At the Disco (Extended Version) RYAN PARIS - Dolce Vita (Reloaded) MASSIANDE, MOODENA - Dancing Stuff (I Love the Way) Moodena Remix KOTO, ARMANDOX - Dragon's Legend (Armandox 30th Anniversary Remix) M@RGO - Crying rain ANITA WARD - Dont Drop My Love (Sir Dancelot Wall Of Disco Mix) VICTORIA MUS - Dos Veces (Radio Edit) TOM NOBLE, MASALO - Flashlight (Masalo Remix) FERRECK DAWN - In Arms CHARLY DANONE - Take Me To Bed (Version 2019)
29 May 2020

B.p.m.- 399 (29-05-2020)

AYN radio
MIND ENTERPRISES - Idol (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) KRISTIAN CONDE - Forever Young (Cover) THE DANIEL CAINE ORCHESTRA - Little House On The Prairie (La casa de la pradera) DUKE LAKE - Dance Tonight K-A-T-A - Fires In The Night MONIKA NOVAK - Lovely Witch CHERRY - Take A Moment MAURICE JARRE - Lara's Theme (Doctor Zhivago) EDDIE FLOYD - Raise Your Hand SOLOMON BURKE - This Little Ring THE DRIFTERS - Rat Race HOWARD TATE - It's Your Move SAM & DAVE - You Got It Made DON COVAY - Can't Stay Away BEN E. KING - On The Horizon WILLIAM BELL - Everybody Loves A Winner OTIS REDDING - Wonderful World MIND ENTERPRISES - S.H.A.K.E (Breakbot Remix) MAQUINA TOTAL 7 - DJ Mix [Megamix] Toni Peret & José Mª Castells ACTINY & BULAT NANOX - USA (original mix) LAURA PAUSINI - Se fue (Classic Pop Remix 2013) RACHEL - No Controles (Extended Mix) DOUBLE YOU - Part-Time Lover HAIM SABAN & SHUKI LEVY - He-Man & The Masters of the Universe (Theme Song) MAGAZINE 60 - Florida Mix ROGER MENO - Don't Go Away KRYPTON - Tokyo Girl FUN FUN - Baila Bolero LAURIE - Chica Cubana SCOTCH - Mirage
22 May 2020

B.p.m.- 398 (22-05-2020)

AYN radio
Track list: MIND ENTERPRISES - Idol (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) ELIZA G - Don't Speak VANGELIS vs KRAFTWERK - Alpha non stop (JLB stop remix) THE EAGLES - Get Over It PAUL CARRACK - Beautiful world LUNIZ - I Got 5 On It ROBERT PALMER - Every kinda people ALPHAVILLE - Sounds like a melody THE CHAKACHAS - Jungle Fever MARI TRINI - Yo No Soy Esa SANDRO GIACOBBE - El Jardín Prohibido DEBLAs - No Es Usted un Matador Señor LOS DIABLOS - Un Rayo de Sol ULTIMATE - Touch Me Baby LITTLE GRADY LEWIS & THE SOUL SMOKERS - Soul Smokin', Pt. 1 THE JACKSONS - Torture MIND ENTERPRISES - S.H.A.K.E (Breakbot Remix) MAQUINA TOTAL 6 – Mixed by Toni Peret & José Mª Castells MR. ZIVAGO - Little russian ELEN CORA - Dance of summer WOLFRAMM - Give Me All Your Love (Michael Nolen Disco Remix) PRESUNTOS IMPLICADOS - Miss circuitos FRANCO BATIATO - La estacion de los amores SIMPLY RED - Ain't that a lot of love EURYTHMICS - Thorn In My Side MATT BIANCO - Sneaking Out The Backdoor LONG GARDEN - Porque Te Alejas MIDNIGHT - Take Me Up ALBERT ONE - Face to Face
08 May 2020

B.p.m.- 396 (08-05-2020)

AYN radio
Track list: MIND ENTERPRISES - Idol (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) VINCENT INTERNATIONAL - Vincent International Mix Promo STEVE NELSON - Webster CROWDED HOUSE - Don't Dream It's Over KIRSTY MACCOLL - A New England ADRIAN GURVITZ - classic THOMPSON TWINS - Hold Me Now RENE & ANGELA - I'll Be Good PATRICK WILLIAMS ORCHESTRA - Theme From The Streets Of San Francisco CHET "POISON" IVEY and His FABULOUS AVENGERS - Something Else FOXY - Get Off IRENE CARA - Fame CHRISTIE - Yellow River LIQUID GOLD - My Baby's Baby THE NEW EDITION - Get A Little Sand Between Your Toes DAVID ESSEX - Gonna Make You A Star APOLLO 100 - Joy MIND ENTERPRISES - S.H.A.K.E (Breakbot Remix) VARIOS - Makina Mix Vol 3 (Mixed by Mario Mix) TINA COUSINS - Wonderful Life COLLECTIVE - Chinatown (rap version) DISCO KINGS - Born To Be Alive AB LOGIC - Ab Logic ROZALLA - Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) GIUSEPPE ALICATA - You Are My Love (Synthya Mix) FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD - Relax RAY PARKER Jr. - Ghostbusters OLLIE & JERRY - Breakin...There's No Stoppin' Us OLIVER CHEATHAM - Get down saturday night EIGHTH WONDER - Cross My Heart SINITTA - Toy Boy
01 May 2020

B.p.m.- 395 (01-05-2020)

AYN radio
Track list: MIND ENTERPRISES - Idol (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) NAOKY - Run To Me RANDY EDELMAN - MacGyver Theme ALBERT ONE - Secrets O.M.D. - Secret (New 12" Remix) RAW SILK - Do It To The Music (Club Mix 2012 - Remaster) BRANDO - Around And Around NINA VAAS - Will Survive - Remix Juan Martinez TERI DESARIO - Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER - Bad For Me HERBIE MANN - Superman (12''-Lp Version) JOAN MOODY - Music To My Ears MIND ENTERPRISES - S.H.A.K.E (Breakbot Remix) FUN FUN (Mega Fun Mix 2020 JLB deejay) - Mixed by JLB deejay RALF M & JIMMY ANDREWS feat TOPAZZ - I´m Still Alive (Ralf M & T.K.O.R. Remix) FARGETTA - Music (Radio Version) TARKAN - Bu Gece ADAM RICKITT - The Best Thing CASINO - Get Funky (Mama He, Mama Ho) (Radio Version) BAD BOYS BLUE - Come Back And Stay (Audio Classic Mix) FANCY - Burnin' Out the Light (Long Version) NICO BAND - Let It Show (12 Version) MOZZART - Money (Ian's Radio Remix) BOW WOW WOW - I Want Candy
24 April 2020

B.p.m.- 394 (24-04-2020)

AYN radio
Track list: MIND ENTERPRISES - Idol (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) EXPRESO MANIQUI - Los trenes amarillos STEVE NELSON - Webster JIMMY CLIFF - Reggae Night PATROL - Invisible Mr ZIVAGO - Yesterday THE TWINS - Ballet Dancer KEN LASZLO - Let Me Try A-HA - Hunting High And Low JERROLD IMMEL - Dallas (Main Theme) ARTHUR CONLEY - I Can't Stop (No, No, No) EDDIE FLOYD - Got To Make A Comeback DON COVAY - You're Good For Me BOOKER T. & The Mg's - Stranger On The Shore WILSON PICKETT - I'm Not Tired DONNY HATHAWAY - Voice Inside (Everything Is Everything) OTIS REDDING - You Don't Miss Your Water MIND ENTERPRISES - S.H.A.K.E (Breakbot Remix) ITALO MADE IN SPAIN 9 (Edit Version) - Mixed By Juan Martínez CRISTIAN CASTRO - Azul (DJ Rd) ULTRA NATE - Free (Radio Mix) 2 UNLIMITED - What's Mine Is Mine THE BUCKETHEADS - The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) Mc SAR & The Real Mccoy - Another Night OLIVER CHEATHAM & JOCELYN BROWN - Mindbuster PINO D'ANGIO - Ma Quale Idea T.H. EXPRESS - Breakout (Remix) MENDONÇA DO RIO - Magalenha (Radio Edit) Mr. SATO - Rock In Da House JASON PARKER feat. CHRIS BURKE - Only
17 April 2020

B.p.m.- 393 (17-04-2020)

AYN radio
Track list: MIND ENTERPRISES - Idol (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) HENRY MANCINI - Remington Steele Theme SORAYA ARNELAS - La Dolce Vita LIAN ROSS - Cassanova A HA - The Sun Always Shines on TV ( Extended Version ) YAZZ & the Plastic Population - The Only Way Is Up (12inch) BRANDY WASHINGTON - We Gotta Love (Club Version) JERRY FIELDING - McMillan And Wife GIBSON BROTHERS - Que Será Mi Vida TINA CHARLES - Can't Take My Eyes Off You BILLY PAUL - Your Song GLORIA GAYNOR - He's Out Of My Life CHIC - Everybody Dance (12'' Version) SANTANA - She’s Not There MIND ENTERPRISES - S.H.A.K.E (Breakbot Remix) MAQUINA TOTAL 5 - DJ Mix x byToni Peret & José Mª Castells BASS BUMPERS Feat E. Mello & Felicia - The Music's Got Me CELVIN ROTANE - Theme From Magnum HERBIE - Free ELISA - Everyone Is Good For Love CORONA Feat. Shaba - Do You Know OBJET DE PLAISIR - Yo Te Quiero LIAN ROSS Feat. MODE ONE - Game Of Love (Extended Mix) ZION feat. KRISTIAN CONDE - 80s Come Back To Us (Extended Version) TOM HOOKER - My russian lady night NEA - Dorian Gray (Extended Version) VARIOS - Resistiré (2020)
10 April 2020

B.p.m.- 392 (10-04-2020)

AYN radio
Track list: MIND ENTERPRISES - Idol (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) PEDRO CAPÓ & FARRUKO - Calma (Remix) DÚO DINÁMICO & FANGORIA - Resistire IRENE CARA - Fame Main Theme BELINDA CARLISLE - Heaven Is A Place On Earth SOFT CELL - Tainted Love KIM CARNES - Bette Davis Eyes (Radio Edit) PARCHÍS - Cumpleaños feliz THE HOUSEMARTINS - Happy Hour JERROLD IMMEL - Dallas (Main Theme) MARLENA SHAW - Love Dancin' LEO SAYER - Thunder In My Heart FREDDIE JAMES - Get Up And Boogie (12'' Version) BROTHERHOOD OF MAN - Figaro THE BROTHERS - Are You Ready for This YELLOW DOG - Just One More Night MIND ENTERPRISES - S.H.A.K.E (Breakbot Remix) MAQUINA TOTAL 4 - DJ Mix (Megamix) José María Castells Mc SAr & The Real McCoy - It's On You BASTET ONE - Year Of The Cat REEL 2 REAL - I Like To Move It (Erick More Club Mix) TOUCHE - I Can't Get No Sleep (Radio Edit 1) Mike Post, Pete Carpenter & The Daniel Caine Orchestra - The A-Team Theme (El Equipo A) CLAY PEDRINI - New Dream CRUISIN' GANG - Be My Life RYAN PARIS - Dolce Vita WEBO - Miracles LAMA - Love On The Rocks DAVE MERLIN - Electric Nights (Dance Version) PATTY RYAN - Stay With Me Tonight