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22 January 2020

Fix Your Culture and Increase Profit and Productivity – Culture Fix – Colin D Ellis

Jay Izso, Coach, Author, Speaker
Author Culture Strategist Colin Ellis talks Culture Fix for Business In a survey of 1400 American business it was cited that 92% of executives said that cultural change was critical and a driver to increase their company's values.  Yet only 16% said their culture is where it needs to be.  It is not surprising.  When it comes to business culture we talk a good talk, but we do little to address it.  The fact is our behavior does not match our words and chances are all the cute little mottos, mission statements, value words, and vision are pretty meaningless.  They are just words because they sound great, but very few if any are put into practice by the CEO or other C-suite leaders so what do you expect your people do?  Exactly...the same thing...nothing. Fix your culture in your business for more profit and productivity The research has made it clear time and time again that having the right culture in your business is important, so why do we neglect it, ignore it, or say we don't have the time for it?  Well those are questions for Cultural Strategist and Business Culture Expert Colin D. Ellis as he joins us in this episode of  A New Direction (AND).  Colin will take us through the research, the trials and tribulations of creating a culture, but also demonstrate to us that a consistently great culture makes the business more profitable in a variety of different ways. Colin's book the Culture Fix: How to Create a Great Place to Work will take you through what culture is, what it takes to create it, the type of culture you may be in, and the six pillars to change it, and then follows it up with how do you make culture truly stick.  Culture fix is a fun witty research example filled read.  In every chapter, if that is what you would like to call them, Colin gives a brief summary and action steps you can take to start changing your culture right now.  Culture Fix is one of the most comprehensive practical guides on culture change on the market.  And if you are looking to change something in your business and do not want to spend the money well as Colin would suggest "fix your culture".  As I would say, get a copy of Culture Fix. Please say thank you to our sponsors: EPIC Physical Therapy from everyday aches and pains, to injuries, to post surgery rehabilitation, whether you are a professional athlete or a professional in your career.  EPIC PT has the cutting edge equipment and certified staff to help you get back to the work...or workout at hand.  EPIC relief.  EPIC recovery.  EPIC results!  That is the people of EPIC Physical Therapy.  Get yourself back to not only being like you were but better still.  Jump on over to www.EPICpt.com Linda Craft & Team, Realtors helping people around the world for more than 35 years.  They are known as the legends of customer service when it comes to real estate.  Why because their culture is based on one  word "relationships".  They know that your home wants and needs are important to you, so they want to get to know you personally to help you sell your home or find the right home as if it were their own.  They know that by knowing you, that they can help you not only find the home you need, but the home you want.  Click on over to www.LindaCraft.com Don’t forget you can listen to AND on The Oak 93.5 fm in Raleigh?  What?  You say you don’t live in Raleigh?  No problem you can stream the show every Thursday at 4 pm EDT and Sunday mornings at 10 am EDT by clicking here OAK 93.5  Tell your friends!
16 January 2020

Find Your Competitive Advantage – The Strategy Mindset 2.0 – Dr. Chuck Bamford

Jay Izso, Coach, Author, Speaker
When it comes to business strategy  we are often confused.  We have a tendency to believe in myths like "Our brand is our strategy" or "Our people are our strategy" or "we do SWOT analysis", but none of those are really a strategy much less a competitive advantage.  Sometimes we jump ahead when it comes to our strategy and we decide to write a mission statement, which in reality should be about the strategy and how we will implement it daily, but typically mission statements are way to long, no one in the business actually knows what it means, or is nice sounding, but in reality does not drive the day to day business operations.  For many businesses they fall into the trap of not really knowing their competition and then decide arbitrarily that they have a competitive advantage when the reality is your competition is doing the same thing which is not a competitive advantage at all.  We need a better way. Fortunately for you and your business, professional business strategist Dr. Chuck Bamford joins  us on A New Direction to bring some order and clarity to the business strategy process both in terms of developing a strategy and how you and your business should implement that strategy.   All the information is based on his highly acclaimed book "The Strategy Mindset 2.0: A Practical Guide To The Design and Implementation of Strategy".  The Strategy Mindset is more than just a guide, it is one of the most comprehensive business playbooks to make your business flourish.  Dr. Bamford takes you through step by step to understand how to create a competitive advantage, compare that to your competition, determine if it has real value to your customer, make it part of your on going and changing mission, get everyone on board implementing it, and identifying and finding your perfect customer.  The Strategy Mindset is for anyone in profits or non-profits, C-suite professionals, entrepreneurs, those thinking about starting a business, members of board of directors, investor and more.  The process is even complete with suggested metrics on how to ensure you are truly employing the strategy.  Get ready because The Strategy Mindset is truly a business changer! Please thank our sponsors of A New Direction!  We are so grateful for their financial support in helping the show grow and get to you. EPIC Physical Therapy, if you need better nutrition, post surgery rehabilitation, better movement, or being at the top of your game as an athlete, EPIC PT are the certified professionals with the latest technology to get you back doing  or get you doing what it is that you want to do physically.  Honestly, they are my go to physical therapists, and I have to say that they get me back to doing the things I enjoy safely, quickly, and with great results.  So if you are looking for EPIC relief, EPIC recovery, and EPIC results...then look no further the EPIC Physical Therapy. Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS for more than 35 years they have been at the top of the list when it comes to real estate.  How have they done that?  They create real relationships.  In a low touch, high tech world the one area that they recognize as the most important is truly connecting with you and understanding what you need and want from the home selling and buying process.  The only way they can know that...is by getting to know you!  Come on over to the Real Estate Professionals who focus on the Relationship.  Click on over to Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS...  www.lindacraft.com Don't forget you can listen to AND on The Oak 93.5 fm in Raleigh?  What?  You say you don’t live in Raleigh?  No problem you can stream the show every Thursday at 4 pm EDT and Sunday mornings at 10 am EDT by clicking here OAK 93.5  Tell your friends!
08 January 2020

How Your Business Can Compete in a Digital Age – The Relationship Economy – John DiJulius

Jay Izso, Coach, Author, Speaker
Technology, social media, phone apps, Alexa, Siri, Go Google, Artificial Intelligence, there is so much coming at us.  When it comes to our business...what do we do?  Which one or ones do we choose?  If any? What is going to give our business the competitive edge?  How much is going to cost?  What can I afford?  What is really going to make a difference?  The questions are endless.  And it may leave you feeling overwhelmed, helpless, hopeless and over matched.  What is the answer as we enter into the next decade?  We are so focused on technology in today's world we have perhaps overlooked Occam's Razor.  That is the most simplest answer sits right before us.  Not that it is easy, but it is staring us right in the face.  You feel it, I feel it, your customer wants it.  What is it?  A real relationship. In this episode of A New Direction Best Selling Author John R. DiJulius opens our eyes to the research and examples of the one thing that will compete and overcome any technology.  The quality and depth of our relationships with our past, current, and future customers.  The fact is there is no app to develop a relationship.  Alexa doesn't really care about your family, occupation, your recreational joys, or your hopes and dreams.  Only people can do that.  As John DiJulius explains in his outstanding book "The Relationship Economy:  Building Stronger Customer Connections in the Digital Age"  people want to be in relationships, but not temporary ones, not ones with the idea of gathering business, but ones that are real, genuine, authentic and meaningful. As technology has increased and surrounds us the very thing that will separate your business from every other will be how well you can truly make your customer "feel" special.  And "The Relationship Economy" and John DiJulius takes a microscopic and example filled approach to helping you make your business a difference maker with people.  Here is a really simple question:  Are you a business that people love?  Sounds awkward when you ask it, but think about the businesses you truly love.  They are the ones you are loyal to, the ones that you keep going back to, the ones that make you feel special, important, provide value, and the one try to convince your friends to use.  If your were the kind of business that people loved...what would that do for your bottom line?  That is the Relationship Economy and how it will change your business.  Thank you for listening to the show, and please share it with your friends.  Also, I would love to hear from you about the show you can always reach me at jay@jayizso.com. Please thank our sponsors.  I really mean that.  They are responsible for helping bring these amazing authors to you on A New Direction. EPIC Physical Therapy.  Whether you just need some guidance to get in better shape, you have an injury or recent surgery, or you are an elite athlete getting yourself back into the game, the certified experts coupled with the latest start of the art equipment will help you get you where you want to be.  EPIC relief.  EPIC recovery.  EPIC results.  That is EPIC Physical Therapy.  Head on over to www.EPICpt.com and learn more! and Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS, for 35 years they have helped thousands of people all over the world when it comes to buying and selling real estate.  Completely locally owned and unaffiliated Linda and her expert team can help you find the best expert in real estate regardless of what company they work for.  Just one more reason why for 35 years they have been known as the "legends of customer service".  Give them a call!  Click on over to www.LindaCraft.com OH and don't forget you can listen to replays of the show every Thursday at 4pm and Sundays 10 pm EDT on the OAK 93.5 FM.  So if live in the Greater Raleigh area take a listen and let the station know that you heard A New Direction on the OAK 93.5 FM.  Thank you so much!  www.OAK93.5.org
04 January 2020

Take Control of Your Life – Master Your Code – Darren J. Gold

Jay Izso, Coach, Author, Speaker
How many times have you either said, or heard it said, "People don't change".  Maybe you have made the statement or heard the statement, "I am what I am", indicating that change is impossible.  Or perhaps you have said, "there is nothing I can do about my situation, no one will give me a break".   Do you know what those are?  Myths!  Oh sure, you can find some support for your argument, but the real truth is you have created for yourself a distinct narrative that you believe cannot be changed.  You have created an idea that you have no control, or worse yet that you cannot change your life or direction.  They are part of our horrible programming or the "code" in your head that makes you believe such rubbish.  There is an answer. On this episode of A New Direction author/coach Darren J. Gold exposes the lies that we have in our head and rewrites the code that we have come to believe.  What would your life be like if instead of saying "I am what I am" you could rewrite your brain code to "I am the author of my own life"?  How would your life change if you could see the facts that instead of saying, "I am just emotional and I am wired to react" you would say, "I act, I do not react"?  And how could your future be different if instead of saying, "I have no control over my destiny" you instead lived like, "I live on purpose" what would that do for your life as you live it right now?  Darren's book "Master Your Code: The Art, Wisdom, and Science of Leading an Extraordinary Life" helps you live the life you could be living right now...but you have to rewrite your code.  Not only rewrite it, but Master Your Code.  This show is one for the ages and one that you will listen to again and again.  The book "Master Your Code" is available in all formats including audio...get yours today! Thank you to our sponsors! EPIC Physical Therapy. When you want to change the way you look, or maybe you are recovering from surgery or injury, whether you are a Jane Doe or John Doe or you are a recognized professional athlete, EPIC Physical Therapy has the certified staff and the latest cutting edge equipment to reach your goals and get you back to the high level you are accustomed to being.  EPIC Relief.  EPIC Results.  EPIC Recovery. Learn more by going to www.EPICpt.com and Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS for more than 35 years they have helped people world wide sell their home or buy their home because they are completely unaffiliated with any real estate company and can refer you to the best expert in real estate regardless of their affiliation.  What is more because they are located in the Greater Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Research Triangle Park area they help major companies with their move, because they know the area.  Stop in 7300 Six Forks Road in Raleigh North Carolina and find out why people talk about their culture of "legendary customer service".   Just drive on over to www.LindaCraft.com And for those of you who like to listen to the radio.  Check out the Oak 93.5 FM in Raleigh and you can listen to A New Direction on Thursdays at 4 pm EDT and Sundays at 10 am EDT.  We thank the folks at the Oak 93.5 for being such a supporter of our show.  If you are a listener please say thank you.
27 December 2019

SMART Goals – Start Finishing: How to Go From Idea to Done – Charlie Gilkey

Jay Izso, Coach, Author, Speaker
It is that time of year again.  Hopefully you are thinking about your goals.  Many people wait until the first of the year.  We shouldn't.   We all know or at least should know what we did the previous year in terms of our goals.  We know were we succeeded and we know where we failed.  Chances are if you are like the majority of people you more than likely did not accomplish the goals you set out to achieve.    There are so many theories on goals.  However, the fact is we need to be SMART when it comes to setting goals. You may have heard of SMART goals...but our Charlie Gilkey this weeks guest on A New Direction (AND) has changed the acronym of SMART to make your goals more meaningful.  Charlie Gilkey' book Start Finishing: How to go from Idea to Done is a powerful book...but you will find this episode even more powerful.  It will make you rethink about your goal setting.  Charlie will give you more insight how to be a better about setting your goals.  Finally you will have a plan to accomplish this years goal.  So Start Finishing! Thank you to our sponsors! EPIC Physical Therapy is are newest sponsor, and when it comes to physical therapy they are the premier therapists and have a premier facility.  Whether you have that nagging injury from gardening, just want to be in better shape, or you are an elite athlete that needs to get back to your sport.  EPIC Physical Therapy will help you meet your goals.  EPIC Relief.  EPIC Recovery.  EPIC Physical Therapy.  YOU can learn more by going to www.EPICpt.com and Linda Craft and Team, REALTORS...for more than 35 years they have given thousands of client from all over the world legendary customer service.  Always finding ways to serve their clients and community better Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS use the latest technology to help home sellers and home buyers with their goals.  Located in the Greater Raleigh Research Triangle Park of North Carolina they can help you where ever you live.  Click on over to www.LindaCraft.com Want to listen away from a podcast...well you can listen to A New Direction twice a week on The Oak 93.5 FM.  They play AND Thursdays at 4 pm EDT and Sundays at 10 am EDT.  YOU can listen by going to www.OAK935.org
18 December 2019

Avoid Disasters in Business and Life – Never Go with Your Gut – Gleb Tsipursky

Jay Izso, Coach, Author, Speaker
We like to think of ourselves as being pretty smart.  We like to think that we make really good decisions.  We like to think especially in business environments that we use our logical side of our brain more so than the inner emotional brain.  However what the research tells us...we really do not know ourselves as well as we think we do.  In fact as Dr. Gleb Tsipursky explains we are so biased we make most of our decisions with our instincts and emotions.  And that is a problem. On this episode of AND Dr. Gleb Tsipursky takes us through his book Never Go with Your Gut: Avoiding: How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decisions and Avoid Business Disasters (Avoid Terrible Advice, Cognitive Biases, and Poor Decisions).  We quickly learn that there are over 100 cognitive biases that we have the choice to employ.  And then Gleb gives us example after example of how these glaring biases have destroyed many companies.  And while there are many books written on the subject of cognitive biases, Never Go with Your Gut is the first book to actually discuss how to overcome these cognitive biases.  Listen as Dr. Tsipursky takes us through a few of these biases that we often use, gives us ideas how to over come them and then helps you deal with someone who has these biases and how to help them see the light of their ways.  Something he refers to as EGRIP.  You will get some great insight and few chuckles along the way.  ENJOY! Please connect with our sponsors and tell them thank you for their financial support of A New Direction. EPIC Physical Therapy from non-athletes to professional athletes EPIC PT has the best certified therapists along with cutting edge technology to help anyone reach their physical goals.  Even if you want to just get in better condition or need a better diet plan.  EPIC Physical Therapy can help you get back to work or play.  So if you want to be EPIC then get EPIC results from EPIC Physical Therapy.  Give them a call or click on over to www.EPICpt.com and Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS for 35 years and going strong find out why they are known as having legendary customer service.  There is a reason why 1000's of people from all over the world choose Linda Craft & Team and keep coming back for all their home selling and buying needs and investments.  They are the locally owned company that is world renown.  Learn more by going to www.LindaCraft.com   Did you know you can listen to AND on The Oak 93.5 fm in Raleigh?  What?  You say you don’t live in Raleigh?  No problem you can stream the show every Thursday at 4 pm EDT and Sunday mornings at 10 am EDT by clicking here OAK 93.5  Tell your friends!
11 December 2019

Principles for a Better Life and Business – Good T.A.L.K. Great Sales – Robert Paolini

Jay Izso, Coach, Author, Speaker
So often as sales or business professionals we want some slick silver bullet strategy that will increase our business.  Somehow our mind has convinced us that there must be some magical secret that somehow we missed to getting more sales.  However, the reality is there are no silver bullets and there is really no such thing as "magic".  The fact is being a better at sales, business, or life have one thing in common...YOU!  The very person who is going to increase their sales, be a better CEO, or a better person is going to be the person who is reading this right now.  However, those improvements only happen when the person makes positive changes in their life.  It is then and only then will they see positive changes everywhere else.  And that is the heart of Robert Paolini and his book Good T.A.L.K. Great Sales. In this edition of A New Direction (AND) Robert Paolini walks us through some of the steps of making the changes in your life to affect the changes in your business.  These change require discipline to start new positive habits that create positive change.  The book Good T.A.L.K. Great Sales is a culmination of life changing techniques that affect the life of your business.  He starts by outlining the acronym T.A.L.K.  Truth, Attention, Listening, and Kindness and explains that these four pillars, if you will, are essential for any sales or business person to have greater success, because in every aspect these principles when practiced sincerely create powerful relationships that lead to better business.  We then leads us through Ha. He. Wi. We. - HAppiness, HEalth, WIsdom, and WEalth, and how these flow together to give us a fun reminder of how to live.  Robert or Bobby as he likes to be called then takes us through "Knowing Your Why" and going deeper on your Goals, and then finally talks us through Hal Elrod "s– “The Miracle Morning” and the power of  changing your morning and your day with S.A.V.E.R.S....but your going to have to listen to show to hear what that acronym means.  Enjoy! Please say thank you to our sponsors! EPIC Physical Therapy - from nutrition and conditioning, to everyday aches and pains, to professional athletes the certified PT professionals and EPIC Physical Therapy have the latest techniques and cutting edge equipment to making you the EPIC person you were intended to be.  EPIC Relief.  EPIC Recovery.  EPIC Results.  Contact the professionals at EPIC Physical Therapy.  www.EPICpt.com and Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS they have literally helped thousands of clients with the sale and purchase of homes.  And many of those clients return over and over again to get access to what they are known for around the world..."Legendary Customer Service".  It has been Linda's culture for 35 years, and they are continuing to find ways to improve it every single day.  Learn more about  the legend and how they can help you from selling or buying a home to commercial real estate.  Just click on over to www.LindaCraft.com Did you know you can listen to AND on The Oak 93.5 fm in Raleigh?  What?  You say you don’t live in Raleigh?  No problem you can stream the show every Thursday at 4 pm EDT and Sunday mornings at 10 am EDT by clicking here OAK 93.5  Tell your friends!
04 December 2019

Take Command of Your Life, Conquer Obstacles, Make Effective Decisions – The Power of Agency – Dr. Paul Napper

Jay Izso, Coach, Author, Speaker
We are bombarded with so much stimuli.  It is no wonder according to the the Word Health Organization that the United States is the considered to be the most anxious country in the world.  But regardless of where you live in the world you too are being taxed with more digital information.  You are asked to do more.  There are more demands on you from work, family, friends, media, and social media.  Now that we have all this data at our disposal we have to keep up with the "metrics".  Now the computers are telling us what we should produce, and how much, and how fast.  If you are like so many people in this world, your life is stuck, out of control, overwhelmed, over stressed and feel as if you have no control over your life.  That my friends is the very definition of the "Loss of Agency".  It's out of control, you feel you cannot control it and it has consumed you.  It is time for you to act as your own agent and get you agency back.  Bring control back into your life and it can be done. On this episode of A New Direction co-author Psychologist Dr. Paul Napper joins us to help you get started on getting your agency back.  In a funny sort of way, agency is like getting your psychological "mo-jo" so you can start taking back control of your life, be able to handle making better decisions, and reducing the obstacles to a more manageable size.  The book is entitled, The Power of Agency: The 7 Principles to Conquer Obstacles, Make Effective Decisions, and Create a Life on Your Own Terms.  It is a comprehensive self-help guide to helping you take back your life, discover your purpose, and live that life in an authentic way.  The Power of Agency  is full of research and real stories from real people who have changed their lives all because the discovered or rediscovered The Power of Agency.   Learn more about the Power of Agency by heading on over to www.powerofagency.com and take their FREE Test to see how you are doing when it comes to agency.  https://powerofagency.outgrow.us/powerofagency Please Thank the sponsors of A New Direction.  It is their financial gifts that keep us on the air and keep us going!  And we could not be more grateful. EPIC Physical Therapy.   There are a number of physical therapy places.  And I have been to several, but I have yet to find one where both the professional athlete and the people like you and I can go and get the best treatment plan that will get us back doing before our injury.  EPIC PT is the only place I will go.  It is because they have everything from rehabilitation after major surgery to working with better nutrition.  They have the latest in cutting edge equipment and their certified staff of therapists are second to none.  Epic Recovery.  Epic results.  Check out EPIC Physical Therapy at www.EPICpt.com AND Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS located at 7300 Six Forks Road in Raleigh North Carolina, they have been serving the Research Triangle Park area for 35 years.  In that time Linda created a culture of "Legendary Customer Service".  It is not a slogan it is part of their DNA.  And in that time they have developed relationships with the world's leading real estate professionals to help you find the best professional to help you sell your home or buy your next one.  Why not head on over to the "Legends" Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS www.LindaCraft.com Did you know you can listen to the show on The Oak 93.5 fm in Raleigh?  What?  You say you don't live in Raleigh?  No problem you can stream the show every Thursday at 4 pm EDT and Sunday mornings at 10 am EDT by clicking here OAK 93.5  Tell your friends!
29 November 2019

Adventures in Diet Land -Lessons from a Former Fat Guy – Ralph Peterson

Jay Izso, Coach, Author, Speaker
Most all of us at one time or another have said to ourselves..."I really need to lose some weight".  Or maybe you looked at yourself in the mirror naked and thought to yourself..."that cannot be me!"  The fact is being overweight is a problem.  We tried to diet, but we failed.  So we just give up.  Then we may try to excuse it, accept it, and create mantra's around it that take our weight and throw a bow around it, or we can face the truth about it.  What is the truth?  Being overweight is not healthy for ourselves, for our careers, or for our family and friends.  Being overweight creates problems and the longer we do not address our weight and unhealthy eating patterns, the greater and more numerous the problems become. Ralph Peterson joins us on A New Direction with his best selling book, "Adventures in Diet Land:How to Win at the Game of Dieting from a Former Fat Guy".  Ralph Peterson woke up with his wedged between the toilet seat and the tub, embarrassed, hungover, and fat.  He was eating too much, drinking too much, and he was ready to end it all, take his life and be done with it.  He tried every diet and failed.  Most of the time to lose some weight only to gain it all back plus some.  Now over 350 pounds, life made less sense to him.  Then...something changed inside him...the rock bottom moment...he got himself in this situation, he needed to get himself out of it, but he was going to need some help. Adventures in Diet Land is a phenomenal read.  The book takes you through Ralph's story and then he gives you the 50 life changing rules that he follows to this day that helped him lose more than 150 lbs!  One of the biggest takeaways you will get from this episode of A New Direction and Adventures in Diet Land is dieting really never works.  There has to be a significant change and that change must start with you!  Adventures in Diet Land is available in all formats.  As soon as you read it, it will become clear why it was an Amazon best seller.  You can learn more about Ralph Peterson by going to www.RalphPeterson.com Please say thank you and Like our Sponsors Facebook Pages: EPIC Physical Therapy - from everyday aches and pains, to better nutrition, to high performance professional athletes, EPIC PT highly experienced staff coupled with the latest cutting edge technology can help you get to the place you want to be.  When you first walk in to EPIC Physical Therapy it will immediately become apparent that you are in for a change of you.   An EPIC you!  Learn more about becoming EPIC by going to www.EPICpt.com  And... Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS, for 35 years they have been known as the "Legends of Customer Service", because it is their culture.  They have helped people from all over find the right professional to sell or buy their home.  And if you are located in the greater Raleigh - Durham - Research Triangle Park (RTP) area stop in and get a FREE bottle of water and learn more...head on over to www.LindaCraft.com for more details The t-shirt shout out goes to the "Branding Iron Cafe" from country breakfasts to chicken and waffles and more!  The Branding Iron Cafe located at 636 E. Linden in Wahoo, Nebraska is a must stop for some of the best country cooking you will get anywhere!  Thank you Branding Iron for the t-shirt.   And don't forget you can listen to A New Direction on the OAK 93.5 fm.  They replay AND every Thursday at 4pm EDT and every Sunday at 10am EDT.  We appreciate their support of AND so why not tune by clicking here!
21 November 2019

Lessons in Life and Business – The Way of the Road Warrior – Rob Jolles

Jay Izso, Coach, Author, Speaker
There are many lessons we can learn from our journeys in business and life.  We all have them.  But how many of us have actually took a journal and wrote every day about our journey.  Not many of us for sure.  Rob Jolles one of the world's leading sales trainers and inspirational speakers has been journaling his travels as a speaker and world traveler.  He has logged over 2.5 million miles around the globe.  At one point he was 280 days on the road speaking to group after group grooming sales departments, CEO's and staff.  And in his book he gives us a glimpse into the 19 years he spent jumping from plane to plane, city to city and the lessons he learned that can be applied to both life and business.  He truly understands The Way of the Road Warrior. The Way of the Road Warrior is not your typical business travel book.  It is much deeper than that.  In this episode of A New Direction Rob Jolles shares his life, his experiences, and the highs and the lows that come with both a heavy travel schedule and the toll it takes on both him and the people he loves.  This book is both entertaining, and at the same time incredibly honest.  He pulls no punches and gives you the great successes and great failures, and the life that nearly cost him everything.  The lessons shared in The Way of the Road Warrior apply to all of us.  You do not have to be a traveling speaker or salesman to glean a powerful message that should awaken all of us as we try to achieve success. Please say thank you to our amazing sponsors that support A New Direction EPIC Physical Therapy.  Whether you are a professional athlete, a recreational gym goer, or you just have some nagging aches and pains.  EPIC PT is the place you need to be.  Their staff is certified and trained in the latest cutting edge therapeutic techniques, they have access to the latest equipment and  the will assuredly help you to get back to being the physical you that you always knew you were.  They don't just help get you better...they make you EPIC!  Learn more by going to www.EPICpt.com and Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS for 35 years they are known for their "Legendary Customer Service'.  It is not a simply a slogan, it is part of their cultural DNA.  They are connected with the best real estate professionals and experts all over the world to help you find the right agent to sell or buy your home.  And if you are in the greater Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Research Triangle Park Area you can witness their service first hand.  Just head on over to www.LindaCraft.com There are two ways to listen to A New Direction on The Oak 93.5 FM.  The shows replay Thursday at 4pm EDT and Sundays at 10am EDT.  You can listen to the shows my Clicking Here!