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The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast is the most insightful commentaries about human ontology. It is a place to share ideas, expert analysis, and perspectives about day-to-day philosophy. This podcast features a series of monologues, guest appearances, book reviews, and interviews. Episodes are available bi-weekly. Your host is Dr. Ben Wood Johnson.



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06 April 2020

The Coronavirus and the Invincibility of the Humankind - TBWJP046

Ben Wood Johnson

In this podcast, Dr. Ben Wood Johnson continues his discussion about the extent of the Coronavirus in society. In this installment, Dr. Johnson reflects on the omnipotence of men in the natural. He talks about freedom or the lack thereof because of the pandemic. Dr. Johnson argues that because of the disease, some are taking advantage of the vulnerability of men to confine them even more. Dr. Johnson airs in favor of letting the man be. This is the best way for the person affected by the illness to deal with his reality. Let us listen!

10 February 2020

Understanding the Concept of Time (Part 4) - TBWJP044

Ben Wood Johnson

Understanding the Concept of Time (Part 4)

In this entry, Dr. Ben Wood Johnson wraps up his monologue about the concept of time. The argument is that present understandings about time are based on subjective viewpoints. But there is more to time than meets the human eye, Dr. Johnson argues. Time is the essence of the universe itself. Everything exists because of time. As a result, time is the foundation upon which everything in the universe rests. Let us listen!

03 February 2020

Understanding the Concept of Time (Part 3) - TBWJP043

Ben Wood Johnson

Understanding the Concept of Time (Part 3)

This podcast expands on the notion of time. The common belief is that time is a linear continuum.  It comes from the past (Point A), merges into the present (Point B), and goes to the future (Point C). Dr. Ben Wood Johnson refutes that understanding. The argument presented in this entry is that time is not linear. Rather, time is erroneously understood. Time, Dr. Johnson argues, is a constant. It is always experienced in the present. Therefore, time has no particular origins, which are perceptible by men, at least not from planet earth or anywhere in our solar system. Time is a burst between what was and what could be within the universe itself. Let us listen!

27 January 2020

Understanding the Concept of Time (Part 2) - TBWJP042

Ben Wood Johnson

Understanding the Concept of Time (Part 2)

This podcast continues in our discussion about time. This session elaborates on the notion of time as a subjective understanding of the nature of time itself. Dr. Ben Wood Johnson explains how human perceptions about time are limited to a human capacity to grasp what is readily available in order to understand time itself. Dr. Johnson argues that there is time as we see it or understand it; there is time as it is. There is human time; there is universal time. Let us listen!