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Join us as we fly casually through a galaxy far, far away and discuss Star Wars movies, television, books, comics, games, and more!



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02 March 2020

Project Luminous - The High Republic | Palpatine Was A Clone In TROS | Flying Casual's Favorite Soundtracks

Star Wars

This week, Project Luminous was finally revealed, and boy it didn't disappoint. We could not be more excited for this new era of Star Wars, The High Republic. What do we expect from these stories to come? We also learned this week that Palpatine was a clone in TROS. Are we surprised? We wrap up this week's cast with a discussion of our favorite Star Wars soundtracks, some of the finest music composed in recent history. Join us!

24 February 2020

The Clone Wars - "The Bad Batch" Discussion | Cassian's Return on Disney+ | Chewie, We're Home

Star Wars

We're back after a week of moving, and boy does it feel good to be home! We're excited to discuss the first episode of the last season of The Clone Wars, "The Bad Batch". We also delve into our thoughts on Cassian's return in the upcoming Disney+ series which is set to begin filming soon. The conversation may have taken place in the dining room of the new base, but it sure was a good time. Take a listen!