Journey Into Freedom

Journey Into Freedom

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Hello all its JiF! I'm branching out to other platforms! You can catch me over here now too! Same great show and topics from spirituality, cia project information, grounding, weekly guidance, moon news, and all the things you have come to expect from JiF



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29 July 2019

Journey into Freedom with Red Gypsy & co-host Scarlett Anonymous

Freedom Revolution Network
Tonight we are going to dig into some Esdras and more Apocrypha stuff that I have been waiting to bring up again going to relate it to some things we learned from Gary Wayne and his amazing research! Our normal topics a little preaching maybe in our usual none preaching manner!! So join us remember we have open lines to join in on the topics so call us we love interaction with our guests hope to talk with ya!
09 July 2019

Journey Into Freedom with your Host Red Gypsy and Co-Host Scarlet Anonymous

Freedom Revolution Network
This is going to be one of those tjoyght provoking episodes that will probably have to go back and listen again to just to make sure you got it all and you heard what you heard! This episode is going to focus on a man and his trials conducted for his so called herpes vaccination!? Ya that's right you read it correctly this is also going to launch us into conversation once again on the God trinity in our Brain so this is some important interest stuff! Also some much needed and usual catch up on things here!! So hope you can join us on this spur of the moment episode of JIF