Emergency Management Associates

Emergency Management Associates

Ron Tyler
12 episodes


We are Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Specialists. We have spoken at seminars and participated in Regional Disaster Drills all around the United States. We have participated in and organized Emergency Preparedness Fairs all around the country, If you are interested in having us help you in your next Emergency Preparedness Event, please contact us. To become a monthly supporter of what we are doing, please donate to our program at: paypal.me/EmerMgmtAssoc If you want to contact us: www.emergencymanagementassociates@gmail.com Our Mailing address is P.O Box 526, Sandy, Utah 84091. Get Social with us with more emergency information at: www.facebook.com/emergencymanagementassociates Earthquake Information: www.usgs.gov www.emsc-csem.org/earthquakes To check out how earthquakes affect the ocean with tsunami's, see the National Bouy Center at www.ndbc.noaa.gov



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