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Join The Autistic YouTuber and his podcast crew for a variety talked podcast show with alongside with some guest interviews along the way. As heard/featured on 'Truckers FM'





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29 October 2021

More about Halloween & How Important Are Subtitles? (S3, Ep5)

The Autistic YouTuber

On this episode, I shall be talking a little more about Halloween as it only 2 days away (yes, I made a mistake, oof). And I'll shall be asking Gemini an important question... "How Important Are Subtitles?". As I look back for the situation with Channel 4 having gone almost 2 months without subtitles. And some important announcements about when Season 4 is set to launch. And when Season 3, Episode 6 will be on. This is the last episode before a mid-season break.

03 September 2021

Interview With Top Creator 'Lgzr' (S2, Ep5)

The Autistic YouTuber

After a short mid-season break. Season 2 continues where 'The Autistic YT & Lofi Lion' talk to a top creator called 'Lgzr'. We discuss about the success of Lgzr in Rec Room, to the Verelli Family and so much more.

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