Indian Folk Stories For Kids

Indian Folk Stories For Kids

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Chimes Radio presents a collection of folk stories for kids from the land of India. Curated carefully from different parts of the country, we present some of the best folk tales from South India, North-East India, Western India and Northern India. Each of these story is laden with strong moral lessons for children that they will benefit from at an early stage. These folk stories for kids are the best way to teach them the right moral and soical values which will guide them for the rest of their lives.



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18 December 2020

The Amazing Ginnie (जिन्नी का कमाल)

Chimes Radio
A South Indian Folk Tale Once upon a time, there was a village landlord who with the blessings of a saint, came to be the owner of a super Ginnie. That Ginnie was amazing and would finish off any task assigned to him in minutes. This became the cause of concern for the landlord until his wife came to his rescue.  See for privacy information.
07 December 2020

The Priest and The Serpent (ब्राह्मण और नागिन) ​

Chimes Radio
A South Indian Folk Story In a village named Uttara, there lived a priest named Kusalanatha along with his wife and six sons. He was well to do but due to some misfortune they started to have financial issues. The situation was so bad that the priest had to do extra chores for a living. He used to collect bamboo rice from the forest. One day he saw a serpent stuck in a small forest fire. As soon as he saves the serpent, it tried to bit him. The priest then started crying. The serpent realized that the priest was just helping him and it was wrong to bite him. He offered the priest two jewels for the well-being of his family. The priest then built a small temple in honor of the serpent in the same spot. See for privacy information.
27 October 2020

Secret of Peacock's Feathers (मोर के पंख का रहस्य)

Chimes Radio
A North Eastern Folktale This folk story for kids from the land of North East India, and specifically from the Khasi Tribe, tells the popular folklore about the secret behind peacock's colorful feathers. As per the legend, the peacock used to have normal grey colored feathers, and influenced by the prompting of his fellow birds, he took the flight to the sky to reach Ka Sngi. Ka Sngi - the sun goddess - kept the peacock with her in the blue skies and the peacock's fellow birds have to trick him up to get him back to the earth.  Listen to this short kid's podcast to hear the legend of the local people of Khasi Tribe in North East India. www.chimesradio.com     See for privacy information.
22 October 2020

Secret of Eclipse (ग्रहण का रहस्य)

Chimes Radio
A North Eastern Folktale This folk story for kids from the land of North East of India, and specifically from the Khasi Tribe, tells the popular legend behind the solar eclipse. While the sun is considered a god in most of the Indian subcontinent, people belonging to the Khasi tribe consider it as a diety "Ka Sngi" and believe it is a vicious tadpole that tried to fight with the sun goddess that causes the eclipse. If you want to know why the two went about fighting in the first place, hear this popular folk story for kids in Hindi language. www.chimesradio.com See for privacy information.
14 October 2020

Real Friendship (सच्ची मित्रता)

Chimes Radio
A Kashmiri Folktale This folk story for kids from the land of Kashmir tells us about an instance where two friends who while in search of water, end up meeting a fairy and a lion. The lion then narrates the story of true friendship and gives a great moral lesson on how we should go about choosing our friends. See for privacy information.
05 October 2020

Greedy Farmer (लालची किसान)

Chimes Radio
This is a South Indian folktale.  This story is about a greedy farmer who decides to steal from the temple of their local diety and how he invites misfortune by his deeds until he corrects his mistake. This story teaches us a moral lesson to never to steal from anyone and always follow the righteous path.www.chimesradio.comFB: See for privacy information.