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07 October 2020

Data Science Vs Software Engineering

Miyuru Bhashitha Amarasiri

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What does a data science ion do?

Many data science scientists in the industry are advanced and trained in statistics, mathematics and computer science. Their experience spans a vast horizon, ranging from data visualization, data digging and information management. It is common for them to have previous experience in infrastructure design, cloud computing and data storage.

Here are some advantages of business data science:

Reducing risk and fraud. Data scientists are trained to identify outstanding data in any way. They create statistics, networks, trajectories, and large data systems for predictive fraud trends models and use them to create hints that help ensure timely responses when abnormal data is detected.

Providing relevant products. One of the advantages of data science is that companies can find out when and where their products are best sold. This helps deliver the right products at the right time and helps companies develop new products to meet the needs of their customers.

Personalized customer experience. One of the most confusing advantages of data science is the ability of sales and marketing teams to understand their audience at a very concise level. With this knowledge an organization can create the maximum possible customer experience.

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05 October 2020

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