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In The Church Radio & TV Broadcast

Derashay Zorn
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“In The Church” is a live, two-hour weekly talk show from D.O.R.M International that is produced every Monday night from 6:00pm – 8:00pm featuring Host/Moderator Apostle Derashay Zorn and friends. It is the platform in which they will shine the light of God’s word “In the Church” to discuss and resolve real everyday issues that are taking place around the world exposes the good, the bad and the ugly. They will engage in a powerful conversation where they will share their opinion, expertise and reveal the truth in God’s word on every topic imaginable. The hosts will engage the audience in the discussion by taking live callers and interacting with comments, questions, and prayer.

“In the Church” broadcast in HD Internet Live Streaming Internet Radio, and is available every Monday night from 6:00pm – 8:00pm to hear live go to . “In The Church” is owned by D.O.R.M International



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28 October 2019

Killing "In The Church"

Kingdom Influencer's Broadcast
Inconvenience doesn't give us the right to kill. Sexual intercourse comes with responsibilities that we should consider before we engage. Before a believer engage in sexual intercourse one must make sure we are under the covanent of marriage and that you both are ready to care for a baby. In the event that the engagement outcome leads to having one. The moment of finding out that you are pregnant is not the time to give thought on how you will decide the fate of the child who has been conceived. Your mature action should have been the I ready to take on the responsiblities that could proceeded you actions. God gave the pleasure of sexual desires so that a husband and wife can bring forth a family. He did give it to us as a tool to murder the innocent.