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Hope-in-Christ with Denise is a show where I share devotionals, encouragement, Christian book talks, interviews with Christian authors, Biblical study topics, youth mentoring topics, and more. All with Christ as the center focus!

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20 August 2020

Author Interview - Dr. Velma Bagby - Episode 97

Kingdom Influencer’s Broadcast
Have you been through a struggle? Have you felt that it would never end? Well, you don't want to miss Denise's interview with Dr. Velma Bagby about her book titled "A Place Called Down." In this interview, Dr. Velma is transparent as she shares her struggles with an illness and her struggle in that down place. However, she encourages the Hope-in-Christ listeners with her unwavering faith. Click to listen.
16 July 2020

Author Interview - Hope Bolinger

Kingdom Influencer’s Broadcast
Denise interviews YA author Hope Bolinger. In this interview, Hope shares the details of her new release, Den. This novel is due to release on 7/27/20. It is sure to be a hit. The main character is a depiction of Daniel from scripture. The main character is in a modern day high school setting. He must overcome many struggles and stand firm in the midst of it all. Click to listen in and learn more about this amazing author.