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Aspects of Writing

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With each episode we will interview authors from the novice to the experienced to share their knowledge and ask questions about the publishing industry. We discuss all aspects of the writing arena that include novelist, script writers, playwrights and article writers for newspaper and magazines. The topics range from writing and publishing techniques, cover design, editing, marketing, software, and how to present yourself to the public. Please join us.





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31 August 2020

Life as an Inspiration to Write with Susan Johnson

All Aspects Radio Network
In this episode we discuss how life is the inspiration for writing. Susan Johnson was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Her unique experience with this infliction is explained in the show, and was both a therapeutic and motivational springboard for writing. In "Some Dreams are Worth Keeping" Susan explains how each person reacts differently to this disorder. Writer and actor Mike Mckenna co-hosted this episode.
24 August 2020

Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone with Brandi Hoffman and Tanaya Paul

All Aspects Radio Network
Brandi Hoffman and Tanaya Paul join me in the studio to discuss the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone. Brandi recently wrote the script for the movie "Laughing Dangerously". It is based on her account of trying to become a stand up comedian. Tanaya Paul discusses what it was like to go from being a nail technician to stunt woman, actor, and to her attempt at writing books and scripts.