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IMOHA podcast is an English-Bisaya Podcast that talks about different kinds of stories, ideas, lessons, situations, reality, and even funny moments that have great lessons. From real-life experiences to other people’s perspectives. IMOHA always supports the local FILIPINO products and we are seeking to serve the people who will benefit from our topics. I am Owen, English lang kog pangalan pero Bisaya ra kog nawng. So if you think you can understand BISAYA, then BE ONE OF US.



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02 March 2021

014 – The alcoholic life| Bisaya Content

23 February 2021

013 - Pride of Silence | Bisaya Content

09 February 2021

011 – The Broken Link | Bisaya Content

02 February 2021

010 – Single is better | Bisaya Content

26 January 2021

009 – Adobo vs. Humba

19 January 2021

008 – Ikaw ray imohang kontra | Your Enemy is you | Bisaya Content

29 December 2020

005 – Tapos Tuig | Year - end Special of 2020 | Bisaya Content


A summary of what happens in 2020 and what are the things that we have experienced and learned during the pandemic. The year 2020 may seem so ruthless to most of us but there is a meaning behind the disaster. Help us turn those bad things that are marked into our hearts and mind into good and actionable ideas for the coming year.

“mag tinabangay tag bangon sa umaabot na tuig ug sa sunod na pagsuway”



This podcast is delivered in English – Bisaya Language, (a local dialect in Philippines, commonly known as VISAYAN).

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