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My name is Cat Wright.
I am 34 years old, wife and mum of two wonderful children.
Life can get very challenging and for me, it has been an ongoing battle with my mental health and physical health. 

I suffer from OCD, Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Depression with suicidal thoughts and Complex PTSD just to name a few and also Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, ME, Migraines with stroke like symptoms and other physical difficulties due to a horrid accident at the age of 3.

I am so lucky to still be alive!
There is still alot of stigma surrounding mental illness which I think it's due to lack of knowledge and perhaps ignorance sometimes from some people.
Together we can pick each other up!

Last year I created a personal blog called 'Colour Me Mentally Ill' which consisted of me sharing my difficulties with mental and physical health to end the stigma specially surrounding mental illness.
 I slowly started getting a steady following and the support has been unbelievable.

For the last 6 months I have been self educating on the subjects of Mental Health Studies, Psychology and Journalism.

I have been doing online courses and I have been making my own research for this podcast.

I decided to call this podcast "Grab A Cuppa" because I wanted to keep it friendly and informal but also because I refer to myself as a Portuguese person with a Yorkshire twang because of my mixed accent.

A good natter always starts with a good cuppa. 

Oh and a biscuit.

New Episodes Every Friday 0700 GMT

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23 October 2020

Grab A Cuppa with the Hortons

Cat Wright
Grab A Cuppa with the Hortons

Kevin Horton and Roz Horton are a couple from Dorset, UK.

Kev always knew that there was more to his daily behaviour than just needing to organise his clothes in colour order or having to control certain aspects of his daily life and routine.

One day after watching a TV programme about autism and doing a questionnaire online that things started to make sense.

This is Kevin's story about being diagnosed with Autism later in life and also how it has changed his and Roz's life for the better and so making their relationship stronger than ever.
16 October 2020

Grab A Cuppa with Ian George from Amongst Liars

Cat Wright
02 October 2020

Grab A Cuppa With Mates Feat Jo

Cat Wright
Grab A Cuppa With Mates Feat Jo

Grab A Cuppa **BONUS EPISODE**

For this episode, I invited Jo to have a chat with me about being a mum with children with special needs, in this case 'High Functioning Autism'/ 'Aspergers.'

We also talk about how being in lockdown and how it was like for her family during this global pandemic (COVID-19) and the sudden change of routine.

Me and Jo hope that this episode will perhaps make other parents/carers/ guardians of children/young adults on the autistic spectrum or any other special needs, to feel less alone.

Please share, like and comment.
25 September 2020

Grab A Cuppa With Mates Feat Zowie

Cat Wright
Grab A Cuppa With Mates Feat Zowie Farron

This week I am joined by the awesome Zowie.
We are chatting about her daughters complex needs but also how much she and the family have overcome come over the years.

Zowie was told that her daughter would never walk and would have alot of mental disabilities but she is now walking and he living her life to the fullest despite her complex needs.

We also chat about dealing with bullies and much more.
18 September 2020

Grab A Cuppa with Adie AKA Dr C Porridge

Cat Wright
Grab A Cuppa with Dr Porridge aka Adie Trevelyan


In this weeks episode we talk very heavily about suicidality that perhaps might cause any unwanted triggers. If you require any advice please refer to

In this weeks 'Grab A Cuppa' I am joined by Adie Trevelyan.
We chat about autism, mental health and illness and how Dr Porridge was created.

''Dr Porridge a.k.a Adie Trevelyan has been attempting to breakthrough the UK comedy scene since 2016 and has performed on stage to large audiences at various venues in the East Midlands.
Putting the Talent into Talentless, He aims to be able to earn enough to buy a Vauxhall Chevette in Pea Green.''...Dr C Porridge
11 September 2020

Grab A Cuppa with Mates Feat Becca & Kyler Topic: Friendships

Cat Wright
Grab A Cuppa with Mates Feat Becca & Kyler


Kyler and Becca are back! In this episode we are talking about friendships.
What makes a good friend? What is a bad friend?
Also can friends be the 'family' that you choose or is 'blood thicker than water?'

Cat. Becca and Kyler cover all those questions and more.

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Thank you for tuning in and for the continued support.
28 August 2020

Grab A Cuppa With Mates Feat Hugh Evans AKA Moose

Cat Wright
21 August 2020

Grab A Cuppa with Theo Van Der Loo from Ego Kill Talent

Cat Wright