Float tanks, Ayahuasca, and broadcasting our personal medicine with Kevin Johnson
29 December 2020

Float tanks, Ayahuasca, and broadcasting our personal medicine with Kevin Johnson

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We are going to dive deep into the human consciousness in this episode. My guest today is the founder of Zero Gravity Institute and is a thought leader in the sensory deprivation tank community. He has logged hundreds and hundreds of hours floating and runs an incredible float spa in Austin texas. Float tanks are being used to help treat PTSD, anxiety, depression, and physical ailments. This is a truly exciting technology for uncovering deeper layers of ourselves and experiencing altered states of consciousness without psychedelics.

Kevin Johnson is also a wonderful musician and a trained shaman who facilitates ayahuasca medicine ceremonies. We discuss the immense benefits of floating on the human nervous system, Kevin's history with exploring states of consciousness and the float tank, psychedelics, and how holding a ceremony is similar to holding space for your podcast guest.

We get into a lot of really fascinating territory here, including how the jungle is broadcasting its own message through ayahuasca and the shamans who share its medicine. Enjoy this last episode of 2020 and learn some ways to explore your inner world through the power of floating and music.

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[00:58] - Who's Kevin Johnson?
[07:00] - The course of the floating industry existence.
[11:19] - How the opening of the center affected Kevin’s music career?
[14:19] - What does it take to hold someone's experience?
[18:12] - Kevin's thoughts on Ayahuasca.
[23:47] - What's the future of floating?
[27:53] - How to overcome the fear of floating?
[30:22] - How to find out more about Kevin's work?
[33:18] - Kevin performs an Icaro (medicine music).