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25 April 2021

Collaboration, serving the community, and creating a sexy business with Kim White

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16 April 2021

Growing a business and producing a live show using the art of magic and theater with Tobias Beckwith

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This week on Be On Air we had the honor of speaking with Tobias Beckwith. He is an author, producer, director, manager, magician, teacher, and speaker. Together we explored the power of words, identified ways to train for better communication, discussed what skills are valuable when growing a business and producing a live show and most importantly how magic can help everybody reach their dreams. This is a truly inspiring conversation, and we are delighted to share Tobias Beckwith’s insight into the magic of voice and theater. 

After earning his master’s degree and teaching theater arts at the University of Pittsburgh for several years, Tobias moved to NYC to discover what the real world of theater might be like. He landed on the management and production teams of the long-running Fantastiks and Oh! Calcutta!, and spent two years working on the original Broadway and first touring show of Sweeney Todd. Tobias began helping Jeff McBride develop his first full evening show in 1976, and in 1988 became Jeff’s manager and producer for all his shows. He has worked as manager for Jeff McBride and Marco Tempest for many years and has worked as both director and advisor for many other magicians.

Find Tobias’ Books and Wizard Venture!

More about Tobias


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[00:00:00] – Introduction

[00:02:47] – What is theater for Tobias?

[00:05:22] – When did magic connect with theater in Tobias’ life?

[00:12:00] – How Tobias produces a show? 

[00:16:05] – Tobias gives live production feedback for Be On Air.

[00:20:39] – About the Magic and Mystery School

[00:27:05] – Magic Quest Online Show

[00:29:55] – What is Wizard Venture?

[00:36:38] – The power of words 

[00:40:14] – Training for better communication

[00:44:25] – Experience of astonishment

[00:50:11] – The Wizard’s Way   

[00:50:37] – Tobias’ Podcast Recommendations 

[00:51:53] – Tobias’s favorite magic experiences

[00:53:46] – Best resources for novice magicians 

[00:58:24] – The great message of magic 

08 April 2021

Strategizing a successful launch and avoiding burnout with The Launch Copy Coach: Chelsea Wallace

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“The steps towards the destination are as valid as the destination.”

This week’s episode of Be On Air breaks down the basics of launching. Chelsea Wallace is The Launch Copy Coach: an extraordinary woman who supports online coaches, course creators, consultants, and service providers in unlearning ways of launching that have created pressure, burnout, and reinforced cycles of fear and striving.

She helps them shift their personal launch patterns into creating ways of launching for themselves so that they create their most lush, fulfilling and profitable dream launch. Whether you’re launching a show, course, podcast or website she emphasizes the importance of having fun and listening to the community and audience members we aim to serve. 

Launching and Learning with Chelsea Wallace 

Chelsea Wallace | Launch Copy Coach | IG - @thelaunchcopycoach 

Natalie Taylor | Business, Finance and Personal Development | IG - @winningnatalie

Anyo | Ethical Marketing | IG – @northernbeemarketing 

Rita Olds | Copywriter | IG - @ritaolds

[00:00:00] – Introduction 

[00:02:24] – What goes wrong in a launch?

[00:04:46] – How Chelsea started working with people launching?

[00:07:41] – What misconception about expertise Chelsea had when she began?

[00:09:46] – One person’s ordinary is another person’s extraordinary. 

[00:14:16] – Launches & Ads can only amplify what is already going on.

[00:15:08] – How to make the biggest impact when you launch? 

[00:17:33] – What is buzz?

[00:20:06] – Know the revenue urgency at launch

[00:23:29] – The impact of reaching your financial goals.

[00:27:08] – Chelsea Wallace’s Master Class 

[00:29:58] – Wisdom from Chelsea & The Launch Clinic. 

[00:33:49] – Other words for launching

[00:37:42] – Off the wall questions & final thoughts


30 March 2021

Ending Human Trafficking through Entrepreneurship and Educating Youth with Dr. Marlene Carson

Podcast Farm

"Communities, churches, organizations have to come back together again and become the village to help keep our children safe. We have to."

This week's episode of Be On Air amplifies the voice of leader, entrepreneur, surthrivalist, minister, author and publisher Dr. Marlene Carson. Her righteous devotion to helping the youth and adults affected by a life in trafficking represent how important this issue is for the world. Dr. Carson's stories evoke deep sorrow for the youth exploited by trafficking organizations. She has dedicated herself to inspiring people everywhere to take action against human-trafficking for the good of everyone.

In this interview we discuss how Dr. Carson founded Rahabs Hope of Ohio and became CEO of the Switch anti-trafficking network. She is one of America's foremost authorities on the subject of human trafficking as well as a member of the United States advisory council on human trafficking. Supporting Dr. Marlene Carson and her mission is the first step we can take to help abolish human sex-trafficking.

Learn more about Rahabs Hope of Ohio and donate!

Find them on Instagram: @RahabsHopeOfOhio

Anti Trafficking Hotline Number: (888) 373-7888


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[00:29] - Who is Dr. Marlene Carson

[01:55] - What the audience should know about sex-trafficking

[03:06] - Marlene's Story

[12:21] - Arrests and Human Trafficking Laws

[15:06] - Shifting Human Trafficking Legislation

[17:19] - How to implement preventative measures?

[24:26] - About Rahabs Hideaway

[28:23] - What inspired Dr. Marlene Carson to create housing for people in need?

[30:30] - How traumas are stored in the body

[33:00] - Starting Peer Preneur

[37:20] - How to support Rahab's Hope of Ohio

[38:47] - How Dr. Marlene Carson got out of Sex-Trafficking

[43:16] - Call To Action!

26 March 2021

Long-form podcasts, deep conversation, and being a man with Nick Von Wackerbarth

Podcast Farm

In this week’s episode of Be On Air we dive into long-form content with the host of The VonDubCast Nick Von Wackerbarth. Nick is a fantastic example of what it means to be passionate and driven for his show. His motivation to express himself through genuine conversations is powerful. He emphasizes that even the small achievements along the way are what matter most in the path to success. 

We discuss the fundamentals of long form content, the power of deep conversation, faith, the future of podcasting, masculinity, as well as meditation and how mindset is critical for accomplishing your goals. The biggest obstacle for many is themselves and Nick embodies how his introspective journey to find the passion within himself for the podcasting medium has given him more opportunities to express some of his deepest and most vulnerable thoughts and ideas. 


[00:00:30] Intro

[00:02:58] Who is Nick Von Wackerbarth?

[00:04:36] Working while Podcasting 

[00:06:13] How Covid affected Nick’s work

[00:09:44] Understanding Covid Protocols

[00:15:09] Where podcasting is going?

[00:21:22] Role Models in Podcasting

[00:29:54] What makes a show engaging?

[00:35:46] The power of Faith and Audience

[00:44:39] How podcasting grows your network and builds connections

[00:57:16] Conveying intent, depth and listening in conversation

[01:08:00] What drew Nick to podcasting?

[01:14:27] Compassion and Understanding

[01:27:39] Masculinity 

[01:47:29] Meditation 

[02:03:37] How to find The VonDubCast?


Instagram: @thevondubcast

Twitter: @dub_von

The VonDubCast Youtube Channel

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17 March 2021

3 Ways to Use Clubhouse To Grow Your Podcast

Podcast Farm

Recently the new audio-only social media app ClubHouse is capturing the voices of leaders in nearly every industry and providing unprecedented access and collaboration between it's users. This is truly a powerful platform and if you are NOT using it, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity. 

In this brief episode, I cover three ways to grow your podcast using Clubhouse in conjunction with Instagram.

If you like this episode, please let me know! And as always, I offer a free strategy session at

16 March 2021

Dream Interpretation, Shadow Work, and Relationships with This Jungian Life

Podcast Farm

Growing your podcast is an internal battle just as much as it is an external one. So understanding self, shadow and what our dreaming subconscious does to balance our awake psyche can be key to developing confidence in your brand and amplifying your truths. This episode dives into the journey of three inspired individuals who share their knowledge of Jungian Psychology and wisdom of life through intimate conversation. 

In this episode of Be On Air, I interview two of three hosts from This Jungian Life podcast, Joseph R. Lee and Lisa Marchiano. We explore dream interpretation, shadow work, and some of the frustrating facets of growing a podcast for the first time.

Joseph R. Lee is an LCSW certified Jungian analyst and licensed clinical social worker. He works with adults and teens, and is the president of the Philadelphia association of Jungian analysts which provides a public seminar and trains Jungian analysts. 

Lisa Marchiano is also an LCSW certified Jungian analyst, a writer, and licensed clinical social worker. She has presented on Jungian topics across the U S as well as in Europe, Lisa's book Motherhood Facing and Finding Yourself, explores motherhood as a catalyst for personal growth and will be published in the spring of 2021. 

Interested in This Jungian Life or want to submit one of your dreams? Check it out!

Learn More about Joseph R. Lee

Find Lisa Marchiano’s New Book

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[00:30] - Intro

[03:03] - The inspiration for This Jungian Life.

[06:30] - Launch and growth of the show

[09:40] - Why Dream Interpretation?

[11:19] - The model for Jungian dream interpretation

[16:39] - What transformation would someone expect by tuning in to their dream world?

[20:28] - What is shadow?

[27:01] - How Jungian Psychology can assist with men's work?

[33:27] - Inner transformation through relationships and children and how it can reveal your shadow?

[37:31] - Generating Ideas for the Podcast

[41:08] - In person vs virtual

[45:05] - Tips for new podcasters

14 March 2021

Building community power, racial equity, & the Austin Justice Coalition with Briona Jenkins

K.Lee Marks
05 March 2021

Venture philanthropy and storytelling for social impact with Ravinol Chambers

Podcast Farm

This week's episode of Be On Air delves deep into growing a business with sustainability as a mindset, how to inspire positive change with Venture Philanthropy and equitable practices, as well as some great tech tips for editing a podcast. 

We get to go into Ravinol’s two-year journey to make this documentary and the unexpected feedback that caused him to take a SECOND trip to India to finish the film. We talk about the use of story-telling for podcasters to help them grow their show, how to use video in your podcast, and the challenges of divisive thinking in society. 

Ravinol Chambers is a former monk, the director for the documentary Road to Vrindavan, host of The Evolving Door podcast, and the founder of the award winning creative agency Be Inspired Films

“Educating girls is not about women versus men it’s about our future versus our past.”

-Ravinol Chambers

Make sure to catch the premier at the San Luis Obispo Film Festival!

Be Inspired Films

Road to Vrindavan

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[00:30] - Intro

[01:39] - How Ravinol got into filmmaking?

[03:30] - When Be Inspired Films was created?

[07:00] - Funding to Fail and Venture Philanthropy

[10:02] - Growing sustainable businesses

[13:11] - How to involve more storytelling in your video?

[15:38] - Informative Content vs Emotive Storytelling

[19:21] - How the Evolving Door Podcast started?

[23:50] - The Value of Small Format Video Content

[27:56] - Tech Tips for implementing video into your show.

[30:39] - The Making of The Road To Vrindavan.

[38:29] - Developing the Story for Road To Vrindavan.

[40:23] - How to help men and boys change their mental framework?

[47:10] - Trailer for Road to Vrindavan and About Malala

[52:02] - How to get connected with Ravinol Chambers?

26 February 2021

Podcasting Legal Tips & the Power of Language in Law with The Podcast Lawyer Gordon Firemark

Podcast Farm

If you want to protect yourself from lawsuits, understand more about content creator law or simply learn better business practices for launching your podcast this episode is full of excellent resources.

In this week's episode of Be On Air, Gordon P. Firemark identifies how to protect ourselves as podcasters and what it takes to run a professional podcast business. We break down media release forms, the power of language in law, regulations in online media as well as the technical side of running multiple shows at once. 

Gordon Firemark is a lawyer, coach, show host, and author. He has been co-host of The Entertainment Law Update podcast for over a decade and recently launched a solo show aimed at giving success strategies to creative professionals called More. Better. Faster. You can find his courses and ebook Podcast, Blog & New Media Producer's Legal Survival Guide on his website linked below. 

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[00:54] - Disclaimer

[01:15] - Who is Gordon Firemark?

[02:52] - What to focus on in podcast law?

[05:45] - How you can use a media release form?

[08:20] - When to implement a media release form?

[09:57] - Is it necessary to have disclaimers on your show?

[11:32] - Regulations in the Podcast world

[16:18] - Connection between language and law

[18:45] - Gordon Firemarks' journey

[21:46] - What it’s like managing two shows?

[25:46] - What you should consider if you're trying to grow your show?

[28:47] - How to connect with Gordon Firemark?